9 LinkedIn Profile Tips to Step up Your Networking Game

9 Ways to Step up Your LinkedIn Game


LinkedIn is a great platform that provides more than you think. Although businesses use it, it can help you create your personal brand, and it lists your job experience in a professional and organized way. It also allows you to easily network and apply for jobs. There are tons of features to personalize your profile-check out these ways to get your hustle on and step up your LinkedIn game.

1. Rearrange your endorsements

You may notice that you’re endorsed more for some skills than others, or the skills that are most important to you are near the end of the list. To change this, go to your profile and click “Edit Skills,” then click “Manage Endorsements.” You can rearrange them however you like to make your profile stand out. Make sure basic skills like Microsoft Office stay near the bottom. Skills you want to highlight like Photoshop or HTML go towards the top.

2. Add a cover photo

Adding a cover photo of something that relates to your work or school can be very appealing to viewers. As always, keep it professional!

3. Add multimedia

Multimedia components like digital portfolios are great additions to your LinkedIn profile. It’s a great way to support your resume by showing your skills and experiences, rather than just telling everyone about them.

4. Make sure others know you have LinkedIn

Make sure your followers from the other social media platforms you use know you use LinkedIn too. This way, you get more profile views, more endorsements, and you’ll reach more job seekers. You can even import your LinkedIn contacts to Google+ so that those people can stay up to date with what you’re doing on LinkedIn.

5. Use LinkedIn for job hunting

LinkedIn is a great tool to search for jobs. One useful feature is that it will tell you how many of your connections work at a certain company. You can also sign up to receive emails for when new jobs become available. Some websites allow you to use your LinkedIn profile as your resume to apply for jobs. So, make sure your LinkedIn profile is professional and detailed to get the most out of your job search!

6. Build your network

Because LinkedIn is such a great professional branding tool, you want to build a large network. But having a large network of connections won’t mean anything unless you actually keep in touch. When adding someone new as your contact, use the option to write a personal note. You don’t want to seem like you only contact them when you need something. Make a connection and keep it, even if you just ask to meet for the occasional coffee or send them a holiday card.

7. Follow companies

Follow the companies and organizations you’re most interested in for inspiration, updates, and job posts. You should also set your profile so that your connections can see when you update your profile or post about something.

8. Join LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups can help you expand your networks. You can participate in discussions and use the group as an opportunity to get yourself some exposure and make new connections.

9. Ask for a recommendation

The recommendation sections are a good place for previous employers to talk about the skills they valued most. Don’t be afraid to ask your current or previous employer to take a few minutes and write you a recommendation.

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