I Took a Break From Dating for a Few Months, and This Is What I Learned

I Took a Break From Dating for a Few Months, and This Is What I Learned

You know how the dating world is. Everyone starts coupling up and you suddenly feel like the only person in the universe who’s alone. There’s so much pressure to be "talking" to someone or "seeing" someone that you start to question whether you even want to be with someone in the first place.

Well, I decided enough was enough. I was going to completely cut out men from my life (besides my friends and family, of course). The results were surprisingly good. Here are six things that happened when I took a much-needed break from the dating world.

1. I stopped looking at my phone every ten minutes

You know that initial phase when you start talking to someone and are texting each other 24/7? Yeah, that is not attainable. Over time, you start to wonder why you haven't heard from this person, and start to glance at your phone much more frequently than you should be. It’s also common to want to go on social media more frequently to see what your new significant other is up to. Not having that urge to check my phone all the time felt so good, and gave me more freedom to focus on what I was doing in the moment.

2. I focused on myself, and it felt great

Spare time is hard to find. It was nice to spend my time the way I wanted to and not have to worry about what someone else wanted to do. I got way more sleep, never failed to miss a workout, and did whatever it was that I felt like doing.

3. I realized how much I missed all of my friends

It’s easy to forget the most important people in your life when a new flame shows up. However, my friends were the ones who were there for me after getting my heart broken once or twice. Friends > romantic relationships.

4. I did not miss the bull crap dating apps…at all

Honestly, spending so much time on those apps just constantly swiping and swiping. It’s exhausting. Then following with pointless repetitive conversations that seem to go nowhere. Yeah...I did not miss those apps. Not to mention how awkward it can be to see your classmates or boss on there...

5. I felt lonely once in a while

I won’t lie, once in a while, when all of my friends were busy with their significant others, I felt a bit left out! I believe that this is normal and you have to learn to just become comfortable being with yourself.

6. I realized a lot of the men I had spent time with were a waste of time

So many more valuable things I could have done with my time…

So whether you’re single, in a serious relationship, or even married, make sure you take time to yourself. Don’t get so overly-involved in someone else that you forget about who you are. I honestly recommend that everyone try taking a break from dating at some point, and enjoy the single life a bit!

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