How to Stop School Burnout

How to Destress When You’re on the Edge of Burnout in College


We’ve all been there: your homework is piling up, midterms are on the horizon, and life doesn’t stop just because you have a lot on your plate. Here are seven tips to beat that burnout before it hits and destress in the midst of the typical college struggles:

1. Do Some Yoga

Sometimes you just have to loosen up, and yoga is a great way to destress and recharge. Check online if there are any free yoga classes happening on or around campus. There are tons of free videos on YouTube, too.

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2. Have a Dance Party

Calming down can be hard when you’re super stressed, so dance your stress away! Turn on your favorite music and just dance away. I’ve done this with my roommate and it’s so much fun! Dance for five or even ten minutes. Movements like dance and exercise release endorphins, and endorphins make you happy (thanks Elle Woods!).

3. Eat a Healthy Meal

There are some weeks when I realize it’s been three or four days since I’ve eaten anything even remotely healthy. If you’re stressed out and tired of ramen and granola bars, cook a healthy meal! It doesn’t have to be expensive - eat some fresh fruit or steam some vegetables for a quick and healthy pick-me-up.

4. Call a Friend

Technology is awesome. Whether you go to school an hour from home, or 20 hours, technology allows us to connect with our favorite people no matter where they are. Call your mom, your best friend, a friend you’ve lost contact with - anyone who you want to connect with and enjoy a friendly conversation.

5. Splurge

Treat yo’self. I’m not saying go spend all your money - just a little. Buy a package of cookies or your favorite candy; something special that doesn’t break the bank. If you don’t like to splurge on food, make a wish list on Amazon and order one or two things. I love ordering things online because it gives me something exciting to look forward to.

6. Go for a Walk

Roommates can be a handful. Sometimes it’s best to spend some time outside of your dorm or apartment. Take a walk around campus or walk somewhere you would normally drive to (the grocery store, a friend’s apartment, etc.). Get out and enjoy the fresh air and an escape from your normal routine!

7. Let off Some Steam

Whatever is causing your frustration, let it go however works best for you. Go for a run, take a kickboxing class...however you channel frustration, do it. You can only do homework for so long, and when you reach that brain-dead state and can’t handle any more school work, sometimes you just need to let off some a little steam.

College is stressful. There’s no getting around it. When you’re constantly bombarded with assignments, exams, and long lectures, it’s hard not to feel stressed out. Add trying to have a social life, working, and planning for the future to that, and you’re bound to get burned out every once in a while. Find a stress reliever that works for you and embrace it! You have to allow yourself to take a break, and live in the moment. College is all about prepping for the future, but if you lose yourself along the way, it’s not even worth it. Take time away from studying to simply enjoy life!


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