How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work Over the Holidays

5 Romantic Ideas for Long Distance Couples Over the Holidays


As technology improves, so do the number of long distance relationships. Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain, but it’s especially rough over the holidays, when the desire for physical contact skyrockets. Here are five romantic ideas for long distance couples that will help relationships thrive over the holidays:

1. Meet halfway and go out.

This is the most time-consuming, and probably expensive, option. However, if you have time to spare, meeting in the middle between your locations for a romantic date will be priceless. While together, watch a movie, go to dinner, or go to a local holiday event. It’s a good way to include your boyfriend or girlfriend in the holiday fun.

2. Send each other letters.

People rarely send handwritten letters nowadays, but there is nothing more romantic than receiving a love letter in the mail. Your significant other will appreciate the time and effort spent on writing the letter, and they’ll know that you were thinking of them while you were apart.

3. Have food delivered to each other.

Pizza isn’t the only type of food that can be delivered. Thanks to the various kinds of food delivery services, the variety of food choices that can be delivered is immense. Surprise them with their favorite meal for a holiday treat.

4. Cook your favorite holiday recipe over video chat.

Pick a recipe, and make it at the same time over video chat. Watching each other struggle will make for an interesting night. Once food is ready, have dinner together. It won’t be the same as a dinner in person, but it will still be a great bonding experience.

5. Watch your favorite holiday movie together.

Who said that long distance couples can’t go on movie dates? Skype has a “share your screen” feature that allows you to share your screen with one another. Moreover, the feature is great for watching a movie while on video chat. It’s almost as good as the real thing.

Holidays for long distance couples can be difficult, but it is possible to push through and enjoy the season together. Happy holidays!

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