Ways to Get Ahead on Break for Future Semesters

How to Get Ahead for Spring Semester Over Winter Break


If you want to do something productive for spring break, start by getting ahead for next semester. Here are some ideas to help you out.

Apply for Internships

Winter break is the perfect time to get a head start on applying for summer and fall internships. By the time spring semester is over, so are most of the application deadlines. Companies want to go through their applications early so they can find someone to start when summer or fall semester starts, so begin planning early!

Edit Your Resume

Research the best way to effectively present your skills, experiences, and education in your resume. Then send it out to different companies. This could be the only thing holding you back from your dream job, and it’s never too early to start applying!

Get Organized

Things might get a little crazy after Christmas. Spend a day cleaning your room so that you can have a clear mind. Whether it's getting rid of clothes you haven't worn in a year, clearing out your email, or organizing your folders, a clear space equals a clear mind.



Start reading the textbook for your upcoming classes to get a head start. Taking some notes isn't a bad idea either and you might thank yourself when finals come around. You can even start or finish reading a new book you got for Christmas. Constantly reading over break boosts your brain power and you won’t feel the hard transition when school starts back up.


Ask your parents, your parent's friends, and neighbors if they know anyone in the profession you are interested in. Invite them to meet up for coffee to give you advice and get some questions answered. You can even write to your dream company or connect with people who work there on LinkedIn, because businesses are always excited for young, ambitious people looking to start working.

Refine Your Online Presence

Look over your social media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and even Indeed if you have one. Make sure your information is up-to-date and add anything new that might be significant for current employers to see.

Make Future Plans

If you're in the beginning stages of your college career, you still might be confused about some things. Grab a notebook, pen, and a computer to do some research on the type of career you are thinking about. Don't forget that it's okay and normal if you don't have a fully laid out plan yet. If you are further in your college career, look up some internships or jobs that will help you to move forward. Internships and even contract jobs can turn into full time positions.

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