These Are the Highest-Paying Jobs for Business Majors in 2017

These Are the Highest-Paying Jobs for Business Majors in 2017

If you're majoring in business, chances are high that your ultimate goal is to own a business of your own or to become one of the corporate moguls of an already large business. And, let's be honest, those goals are completely achievable, however, they might be a little farfetched for some of us right off the bat. Luckily, being an entrepreneur or CEO aren't the only high-paying options for you business admin kids out there.

Here are the top 15 highest-paying jobs for business majors this year.

1. $187,000 - Chief Investment Officer
2. $176,000 - Chief Accounting Officer
3. $168,000 - Partner - Accounting Firm
4. $159,000 - Tax Director
5. $147,000 - Vice President, Finance
6. $141,000 - Director, Financial Planning & Analysis
7. $140,000 - Internal Audit Director
8. $136,000 - Chief Financial Officer
9. $131,000 - Chief Credit Officer
10. $122,000 - Director of Accounting & Financial 
11. $120, 000 - Stock Plan Administration Manager
12. $118,000 - Regional Controller
13. $117,000 - Bank Examiner
14. $115,000 - Finance Director
15. $113,000 - Budget Director

You may have noticed a trend in these jobs. That's right, most of these lucrative business positions are in finance. So, if money isn't really your thing, of course you can pursue plenty of other job opportunities and make great money with the major you chose. However, if you've got a thing for money (heck, even if you don't) maybe you might want to throw in a financial elective or two (or maybe even a minor)... seems to me that it might be an investment well worth the extra credit hours!

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