Hate Working Out? Try This Instead

Hate Working Out? Try These 3 Ways to Break a Sweat Instead


The fact of the matter is that to get in shape you need to exercise. But for a lot of us, more traditional forms of exercise (running, lifting, 100 push-ups, etc.) just don't seem like they’re quite worth it. Sure, it'll all help us get in shape. It'll also make us want to set things on fire.

If you're in that club, I don't blame you. So, because I know that you care about being healthy (at least pretend until we're done here, yeah?) I'm going to give you a few fun alternatives to get your heart rate up and build the booty (or... if you're a guy... whatever it is that you want to build instead) of your dreams.


If you've read more than two of my articles, you probably already know how I feel about yoga. It's not incredible difficult, can be done from the comfort of your own home, and part of a yoga practice is literally just laying down for 5-10 minutes. Amazing.

Yoga is a good alternative if you're looking for evenly developed muscles, a strong core, good shoulder and back strength, and just some overall health. Some yoga practices are incredibly gentle, with little movement and a lot of stretching. Others (like Vinyasa) are incredibly active and athletic. I would recommend a good balance of each. On your lazy days take some time to explore Hatha yoga. If you're in the mood for a challenge, check out Power Yoga. The best part about yoga is that no matter how you're feeling, there's a yoga style out there to meet your wants and needs while still helping you get the bod of your dreams. Bonus? It’s proven to reduce stress, something every college student can use.

Martial Arts

Or boxing. Or literally anything that involves hitting and kicking people/things. It's a challenge. It's fun. And it can involve other people. You get to hit things without anyone thinking you're off your rocker. Basically, it's an all-around good time.

Sure, you're getting a crazy good workout. But you're so busy trying (and succeeding) to kick butt that you hardly notice. You'll drop pounds of fat and notice plenty of long, lean muscles developing faster than you expected, no matter what you go for that fits under this (incredibly large) umbrella.


Name the style. Go to a Zumba class. Take some jazz, hip hop. Ballet. Polka. Heck, you could go to a square-dancing night with every 60-year-old in your county if that sounds like a good time to you. Just like with martial arts, this is an amazing workout without your focus being on the number of reps you're doing. There are dance videos on YouTube too that can be fun and get your heart pumping.

You’ll learn awesome moves to awesome music, and feel like a beast. Try it. You'll see.

Now, if you were reading this hoping for a way to get a six-pack without getting out of bed, I'm afraid I can't help you (stomach vacuums and sit-ups could though). But this just goes to show that no matter what kind of person you are, no matter what kind of people (or lack there-of) you want around, there is an option out there for you. You might have to shop around a little to find what works for you, but when you finally do find it, get ready to watch your life, body, and confidence change forever.

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