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5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Psych Major in Your Life


Christmas is quickly approaching, which means that it’s time to start thinking about what to give the special people in your life. Gift-giving can be a little stressful, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to find specific and meaningful gifts. If any of your friends and loved ones are psychology majors, it might be a fun idea to play on that fact for Christmas. As a fellow psych major, I’ve found five perfect Christmas gifts for people who live and breathe psychology. Here are just a couple of gift options for your psych major friends to give you some ideas this holiday season:

1. A Punny T-Shirt

If the psychology major in your life wants to tell the world about their love for the subject, why not put it on a t-shirt? This “I Get Psyched for Psychology” baseball tee would be the perfect addition to your friend’s closet, and here’s another plus - it’s super comfortable too.

2. Psych-Themed Jewelry

For the psych major who also happens to like jewelry, this dopamine molecule-shaped necklace would be a great gift. This gift serves as a subtle way to show their passion for psychology, and makes for a great conversation-starter!

3. Brain Art

Us psych majors love to talk about the brain, so why not give one to your friend or loved one? This watercolor brain print makes for a nice and whimsical home decoration. Just add a frame or canvas to place it on, and you have the perfect psych-friendly gift!

4. Placebo Candle

It’s no secret that college students are usually stressing out about something, and we definitely appreciate having some time to relax. Unfortunately, time isn’t something that we always have, so a nice, soothing candle can do quickly do the trick. This placebo soy candle makes for a fun and witty gift for the psychology major in your life.

5. Psych-Friendly Mug

Mugs are truly amazing. They can hold our coffee, ice cream, macaroni and cheese - you name it. They also show pieces of our personality by having fun colors, prints, and phrases on them. If you have a psych-major friend in your life, consider finding them a mug that showcases just how much they love to learn about psychology, like this Pavlov-themed option.

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