Gifts Ideas for Lawyers | 2017 Gift Guide

10 Gift Ideas for the Future Lawyer

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When you think of the future lawyer, you probably think of an individual who is always concentrated and surrounded by stacks of books and files. Although this might be true, the process is not as smooth as you might think, and getting there takes a lot of hard work. Here is a list of 11 gift ideas for lawyers (or future ones) on Amazon to make their life easier:

1. Rolling Briefcase

Get it here for $69.99.

Lawyers aren’t always sitting down, and those heavy stacks of books and documents don’t carry themselves. A rolling suitcase will help them move around without straining their back.

2. Hornbooks

Get it here for $118.

Find out what classes the law student in your life is taking, and buy them a hornbook on one or all of the subjects. The future lawyer can never get enough studying.

3. New Computer

Get it here for $852.26.

Law students have to do an extensive amount of case and law research, and most of the law school finals are done online. A computer upgrade wouldn’t hurt!

4. Textbooks

Law school textbooks are quite expensive. Find out what textbooks are required and their ISBN numbers. Once done, simply insert the ISBN numbers, one at a time, onto the Amazon search bar to make your purchase.

5. Robot Vacuum

Get it here for $79.99.

Future lawyers spend most of their time surrounded by stacks of books and files. This means that everything else in their life will most likely be neglected at some point in time. Thus, a robot vacuum will definitely be appreciated because it will give them one less thing to worry about.

6. Energy Drinks

Get it here for $31.98.

Law students read about 60-120 textbooks pages a day. Caffeine is always appreciated.

7. Travel Mugs

Get it here for $13.18.

Anything that can help the future lawyer save time is a plus, and a pour-over brewer accompanied by a travel mug is the way to go.

8. Clothing

Because future lawyers have little to no spare time, energy, or money, they rarely spend it shopping for clothes. A clothing gift will be greatly appreciated.

9. Legally Blonde (2001)

Get it here for $7.99.

If it seems like your law friend is a bit discouraged, make them watch this movie. It’ll remind them why they wanted to be a lawyer in the first place.

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10. Amazon Gift Card

Finally, if your future lawyer is a bit complicated, or you’d just rather they spend the money buying whatever they please, get them a gift card.

Amazon contains almost everything that a law student might need, and getting them any of the items listed above will definitely contribute to a successful semester.


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