6 Fun Things to Do Over Thanksgiving Break

6 Fun Things to Do Over Thanksgiving Break


Thanksgiving Break may be the most underrated break in the history of collegiate relaxation. We spend forever planning activities and trips for summer and winter breaks, but Thanksgiving Break tends to just whiz by. I see no reason to waste a few precious free days, especially when those free breaks are a reprieve from mountains of work at the end of the term. That's why I'm making a point of enjoying my Thanksgiving Break to the max, and I think you should too. So, here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. Watch the Parade

The Thanksgiving Day Parade (you know, the famous one, that goes through Times Square), is one of those American traditions that a lot of us (and our families) have started to let die out. But why? Turn on your TV (or, I'm sure there's a live stream on the internet somewhere) and enjoy as massive balloons in the shape of childhood favorites, incredible dancers, bands, and famous stars float by. And don't forget about Santa, right at the end!

2. Make a Pie

Whether you're at home or not, taking some time to make a few of your favorite Thanksgiving recipes is a great way to get in the mood for Thanksgiving. I personally love making mixed berry pies, with cut-out piecrust leaves decorating the top.

It definitely doesn’t have to be a pie, but take some time to cook something that you really enjoy, and it doesn't hurt to share it with some friends and family while you’re at it.


3. Prep for (and Go) Black Friday Shopping

Okay, guys. This should go without saying. I'll admit, I grew up with the fear of the lord in my heart when it came to Black Friday. I honestly thought I would die if I participated. But, I bit the bullet and went a couple years ago (to Target, for obvious reasons) and had a total blast! I'd say check out the deals ahead of time, have an idea of the things you're after, and create a loose budget for yourself. Then hit those aisles and get some Christmas shopping done!

4. Take a Nap

I know this isn't fun. But... let's be honest: there is nothing like a good nap in your own bed knowing that you have nothing to do when you wake up except help taste test some gravy. You've been working hard and deserve some rest. Besides, it'll be hard to fully enjoy your little vacation if you're exhausted and stressed the whole time.

5. Catch a Movie

The early winter months are renowned for being movie central. There are so many movies trying to get that holiday block-buster revenue that they pour in so many you couldn't possibly watch them all. Type up a quick search and decide what movies look best to you, then snag some popcorn and enjoy a day at your favorite theater.

6. Go Sledding

This is definitely region-specific, but if you happen to have snow already, don't waste it! When was the last time you let yourself nearly freeze your nose off sledding down the same hill 50 times, then finally went inside for some hot cocoa? I don't care how old you are, your soul craves that stuff. So grab a scarf and get out there!

No matter where you are or who you're with, there are always little things we can do to make a moment more special. I hope this handful of ideas inspired you to get out there and make this Thanksgiving the best one yet!

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