10 Fall Date Ideas for Broke College Students

10 Fall Date Ideas for Broke College Students

After all the hot summer days, fall is the perfect time to take advantage of cooler days and brisk nights. Check out these ten cozy and romantic date ideas for broke college students this fall!

1. Apple Picking

Fall is known as the season for apples!. Take your date to an apple orchard and spend some quality time picking the best-looking apples together. Afterwards, you can find fun ways to use the apples you keep. Make a cake or homemade apple sauce, or just share an apple (think about it, that’s kind of adorable).

2. Visit a Sporting Event

Fall is also a great time for sports. Basketball, football, and hockey season are all getting underway. Go out and show off your team spirit. A little friendly rivalry between you and your date doesn’t hurt, either!

3. Explore the City

Get the chance to learn some new areas in your city. Go to new parks, stores, and restaurants, and experience new surroundings. You can take your date to your favorite place to eat or your favorite park, and can learn a thing or two about each other while you’re at it. Plus, there’s something really romantic about holding hands when it’s chilly.

4. Have a Picnic

Fall is the most beautiful time of year for a picnic. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. Pack a nice lunch with your partner and head out to the park. Once you’re done eating, just relax, enjoy the view, and take in the changing weather together. Cuddling on a blanket under a tree? What’s more romantic than that?

5. Take a Walk

Taking a walk is a nice way to spend time with your significant other and enjoy the fall scenery. Make it a weekly date where you walk the same trail, and you can see the leaves changing colors all season!

6. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Many pumpkin patches have other activities for you to do that makes for a great day date. Button up your jackets and spend time picking out the perfect pumpkins, getting lost in a corn maze, or taking a hay ride. Then you can take your pumpkins home and carve them while watching a scary movie.

7. Horseback Riding

Search for a local stable that offers horseback riding for you and your date to enjoy. Get outside and take in the fall colors together! Then you can spend the whole evening recounting how much fun you had while sipping cider and snuggling.

8. Events in the City

In your Google search, type “cheap date nights” in your city and find the best event happening near you. Many places offer student discounts and have activities such as mini golf, museum openings, theater shows, outdoor movies, art walks, and more!

9. Cook Dinner

A fall date doesn’t always have to mean going outside. Try something different, like staying in to cook dinner together. Have some romantic music playing in the background and make a good time out of it. Then you can test to see who the better cook is! It’s the perfect time to indulge in a little comfort food, followed by comfort cuddling.

10. Netflix & Chill

If at the end of a busy day, you just want to spend a relaxing evening with your partner, you can never go wrong with a movie at home. Grab a blanket and some warm tea, and binge watch some of your favorite shows or movies. It’s the perfect time to watch “Halloweentown” or “Hocus Pocus.”

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