9 Quick Exit Strategies for the Worst First Date Ever

9 Quick Exit Strategies for the Worst First Date Ever


When you are having a very bad first date, you are going to need a way to get out of there ASAP. Check out these exit strategies for the worst date ever.

Create an Escape Plan

Plan like a pro and create a “just in case” escape plan. At the beginning of the date, come up with a situation that may cause you to have to leave the date early. For example, “I may get called into work, so I might have to go later.”

Have Your Friend Call with an Emergency

Give your date at least 30 minutes until you decide to ditch or not. If it’s not going well, slip a text to your friend to call with an emergency to get you out. That’s what best friends are for!

Act Out

Here’s the chance to show off your acting skills. If your date is not getting the hint that you are not interested, be the opposite of perfect so that they will be the one who wants to leave. Order something that you can eat sloppily, take food off of your date’s plate, or be clumsy and “accidently” spill something.

Commit Too Fast

This is a good way to freak out your date so they won’t be interested. Talk about the plans for your next date. Explain how you should have your own drawer in their place in case you want to stay over. If you want to go even further, talk about the type of wedding you want and how many kids you want to have.

Be Depressing

This is another acting opportunity. Start crying about how lonely you are and how you miss being in a relationship. Then talk about a depressing moment in your life and how it’s been so long since you’ve been with someone. Mention that you’ve basically come to the point that you’ll settle for anyone.

Overly Talk About Yourself

Dates are, of course, the time to get to know one another, but when that is all you talk about, you can come off as conceited. Even when your date tries to say something about themselves, cut them off and add something else about yourself.

Be High-Maintenance

This is the time to have very high standards. Ask the waiter for more high quality utensils and service, keep sending the food back, criticize the restaurant, and talk about more high-quality places you would enjoy instead. After multiple complaints about the food, pull out your own packaged meal!

Continuously Talk About Your Ex

No one wants to continuously hear stories about a person’s ex, so bring up old stories about all the good (and even the bad) times. That will definitely annoy your date and make them want to leave.

Bathroom Get-Away

This is most common in films. Pretend you are sick from the food and then never return. Or, if you feel like you can’t make it through the date before the food even gets to the table, come up with a reason to be excused. For example, say you have to make an important call or you want to go freshen up.

Like I mentioned, try to give the date at least 30 minutes before deciding to ditch. But if you just can’t hold on, do what you gotta do to get out of there!

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