Fun Day Date Ideas

6 Great Day Date Ideas

We’re well into the new year and people have been discussing lofty plans and resolutions for the last couple months. But resolutions don’t have to be limited to individuals! Couples go through ups and downs, which is normal for everyone. Making the new year a fresh start for your relationship is a great way to start off. Maybe you want to argue less, go to counseling, or make it a priority to go on more dates. With it being colder and the holidays behind us, the parties and events are also winding down, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. Day dates are an underrated activity. Who says you have to go out in the evening for a date to be considered, well, a date? Here are six day date ideas so you can make the most of the sunlight with your significant other.

  1. See a Matinee

You may think of going to the movies as a night time activity. Matinees make for an awesome date because admission is cheaper, and the theater is less likely to be overfilled with loud movie goers, which means more privacy for you and your honey.

  1. Prepare a Crock Pot Meal for Dinner

This may seem random, but my boyfriend and I do this whenever we get the chance. It’s fun seeing how we mesh when cooking. Some crock pot meals can take up to eight hours to cook, which means you can start prepping it early in the day. Go to the grocery store and grab the ingredients you need and get started. Once everything is in the slow cooker, you can relax together while you wait for your food. This is a great time to binge watch “your show” and a great activity for couples who enjoy cooking or want to try something new!

  1. Check out Open Houses

Open houses are fun! They are one of my favorite weekend activities. Depending on where you live, you get the opportunity to explore some fancy homes. This is a wonderful day date because it makes room for you and your significant other to discuss your future, assuming you guys are at that point in your relationship. Even if you just started dating, visiting some open houses is still a great way to spend your time, and you can get some ideas for your future dream house!

  1. Explore the City

Cites have a lot to offer. You’re bound to find something of interest. Whether you live in a big city or close by, cruising around can be a lot of fun with your significant other. You can learn new things together and discover new places you both enjoy! If your city offers a free weekly newspaper or magazine, they are often packed with lists of activities that would otherwise never hit your radar.

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  1. Play Games at Your Place

Whether it’s your place or theirs, games are always a fun way to spend time with people. Make some snacks and set up your game of choice and have fun! You don’t always have to go out to enjoy a date with your significant other.

  1. Get Coffee and Pastries

Who doesn’t like a good cheesecake? Or a giant chocolate chip cookie? Enjoy a day out at your local coffee shop and munch on all they have to offer. It’s a nice relaxing way to get in some good quality time, have deep conversations and strengthen your relationship.

Dates don’t always have to happen in the evening hours! Day dates are convenient and allow for more time together exploring new things. Go out and explore with your partner and have fun!


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