3 Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

3 Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Dating in college is rough, and going on dates on a college budget is even harder, which is why I'm here to tip you off on a few fun date ideas that won't ax your account.

1. Take it back a few years

Remember when we were younger and thought riding a bike around the block or going down slides was fun? You may be surprised to find that those things are still fun, and can make for a super playful date that will leave you and your S.O. feeling rejuvenated and ready for anything the day can bring! Find a local park with plenty of space, or a good playground, grab your date, and go. It's best to do this at an odd hour when you won’t find mothers of preschoolers lounging around, as the screaming of children and the annoyed looks can put a damper on your date. Give in to your inner child and race around the grass, run up slides, and get blisters swinging across monkey bars. Even if you find yourself exhausted after a few hours of childlike play, it only gives you an excuse to cuddle up together for a while to regain your strength... or spend it.

2. Go exploring

No matter where you live, chances are there's a nearby landmark or trail that'll leave you both full of calm and wonder. Places like these generally cost little to no money, and can help you make your date an all-day thing full of good memories. Grab your sneakers and hike up to a waterfall or explore old landmark buildings. If you're especially rebellious, try to find yourself some old abandoned buildings: the thrill of going somewhere you probably shouldn't be can make for a thrilling day and is bound to leave you and your date feeling like partners in crime, and in life.

3. The Silver Screen

Anyone knows that going to the movies can be expensive — the tickets alone are running around 10 dollars now — and that's not including the high priced snacks. Luckily, many theaters recognize that loads of good customers can't quite afford that sort of luxury and have weekly discount days, where tickets run 6 or less dollars for any movie. Literally. Even 3D. You can get popcorn for a dollar and drinks for only a few more! It's an amazing way to fit a classic date into a smaller budget!

So there you have it! A few ideas to get you through the semester without losing every penny or your chance at a lifetime, or maybe just a hot summer romance!