8 Cute Travel Mugs That Send the Right Message

8 Travel Mugs That Send the Right Message


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1. Camera lens cup

This is just the coolest looking cup I’ve ever seen! If you are artsy, or into photography, or just want to let people know that you’re a cool person, this is the right cup for you.

2. Be you

This is a beautiful color and design, although it’s simple, and a great message! So many people need to hear those two little words - “be you!” No one else can do it, and you are awesome!

3. Enjoy the journey

Get it? It’s a travel mug, everyone’s on a journey, and everyone could use a travel mug. But seriously, this is a good message, because we usually forget to enjoy the journey. It seems like we are constantly thinking about the destinations - “I can’t wait to graduate high school, I can’t wait to move in to college, I can’t wait to get finals week over with, I can’t wait to grow up, move out, and get married,” etc. This mug reminds you to take it one day at a time, slow down, don’t stress, and simply enjoy your unique journey. It’s also a pretty mug with a fox, and who doesn’t like foxes?

4. Hang in there

This is a nice, simple looking travel mug, with a cute motivational sloth! Everybody needs a little encouragement, so carrying this mug around for people to see might give them the hope they need and brighten their day a little. It might also help you relate to other people when they see that you’re trying to hang in there too, especially during finals week!


5. I think I’ll just be happy today

This is a great message for any and every day of the year. No matter what happens to you, you can choose to be happy. Nobody determines how you feel except yourself. Also, it’s a pretty, colorful, flowery design, so it could let people know that you’re a person with a positive attitude who likes cute things.

6. Smart cup

If you want to send the message that you’re sophisticated and up to date with technology, this travel mug is for you! It has so many smart features, including displaying the temperature of your beverage digitally on the outside of the cup.

7. Bamboo brew

This sends the message that you care about the environment and you appreciate good quality. This mug is made of good quality stainless steel, and natural, sustainable bamboo. It’s great for tea or fruit infused water, so if you’re into that, here’s your mug! It’s also pretty modern and stylish looking, for guys or girls.

8. Make mine a double

Yes please. Whether it’s the middle of finals week or your average day, this is the perfect travel mug to fuel your caffeine addiction with.

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