Creative Ways to Save Money in College

7 Creative Easy Ways to Save Money

As a college student, you can relate to the pain of being broke. Here are seven unique and easy ways to save money. Share these ideas with your friends, and you will have enough money for that spring break trip in no time.

1. Sell your used clothes

Sick of all those outfits you’ve worn a million times? Have some old jeans from high school that don’t fit anymore? Try going through your closet and selling your old clothes at a consignment shop such as Plato’s Closet, or online at a place like Poshmark or Thredup. Earn cash for your clothes, or earn store credit (perfect if you want some cute new clothes!). Either way, it’s a win!

2. Get a coin jar

Those pennies can add up! This is a great way to save money, because it’s money that you don’t think much of. Any time you get change, put it in the jar. After a month or two, take your jar to the bank or a Coinstar machine. (Just remember that Coinstar does charge a convenience fee, so you will lose some of your profit if you choose this route.)

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3. Use Groupon

Going out to a restaurant tonight? Want to try a new activity with your friends? Try using Groupon. The app is free on your phone and they offer a ton of great deals. This is also a great incentive to try new places that you may not have originally known of.

Student Beans Student Discounts

4. Clip coupons

Yeah, it may seem old school, but it works! Grab your Sunday paper and clip out some coupons. You can also use sites like RetailMeNot to see what retailers and restaurants are offering coupons.

5. Take advantage of that student discount

So many places offer a student discount, but they don’t advertise it. Asking if a company offers a student discount couldn’t do any harm. The worst thing they could say is no! We have a list of clothing stores and restaurants that offer student discounts, so all you have to do is show your student ID.

6. Buy your own beauty supplies

If you’re a person who likes to splurge on beauty products and treatments, those expenses can add up quickly! Buying your own gel nail polish instead of paying for manicures or doing face masks at home are great ways to save money.

7. Turn off those lights!

College kids are always busy. It’s easy to be forgetful and let the electricity bill skyrocket. Try bringing down that utility bill by turning off all electronics and lights when nobody is home. Get cold easily at night? Buy some extra blankets and turn down the heat. Both your wallet and roommates will thank you for it!

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