9 of the Coolest and Best Gyms in the World

9 of the Coolest Gyms in the World


When you’re traveling, do you ever decide to take a break from sightseeing to get a good workout in? Don’t settle for your basic hotel gym. Check out these cool gyms that will not just give you a great workout, but also an amazing experience.

1. Red Rocks Fitness

I know you’re trying to picture what this is. This outdoor gym gives you the best of both worlds. In Denver, Colorado, you’ll be able to work out with music blasting and get a great backdrop view of the red sandstone monoliths.

2. George Foreman Club

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, the George Foreman Club offers varying levels of kickboxing and fighting classes. It was co-founded in 2014 by George Foreman III (the son of the famous George Foreman). The club includes other classes like dance, yoga,, running, CrossFit, and more. It also includes a juice bar, locker rooms, steam room, saunas, and a shop.

3. SWERVE Fitness

You may have seen fitness classes like SWERVE featured on the news or in magazines. This is an indoor cycling workout in New York City, but they are located in other areas too. Energized instructors will lead you in a variety of intervals for 45 minutes. You will also be able to have your stats emailed to you right after the class.

4. Sproing Fitness

This gym was founded by two guys who lived to run but hated the treadmill. So they invented the Sproing, which looks like a treadmill, but they replaced the moving belt with soft cushion. This allows users to get a stronger cardio workout. The Sproing also includes a harness so users can run while leaning forward. Visit Sproing Fitness in Chicago, Illinois.

5. Hut Gym

This is an outdoor gym located in the Philippines. You may think this gym is beautiful, and you’re right. While using equipment made from palm timber and recycled metal, you can have a productive workout while looking down Apo Island.

6. HFC Court

If you’re a super gym fanatic, you’ll love this sports floor with seven exercise stations, and over 30 pieces of equipment. While getting in a fun workout, you’ll be overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. The best part is, this gym is free to use!

7. Illohia Omotesando Fitness Gym

This gym is located in Tokyo, Japan. Using inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, the climbing wall has elements like mirrors, picture frames, flower vases, and bird cages to climb up and around. If you’re ever in Japan and want to try something new, visit this gym.

8. Upper Limits

This is one of the largest climbing facilities in the world. It includes over 20,000 square feet, and you can choose between climbing indoor terrain, ascending up a 65-foot silo, or a conquering a110-foot outdoor wall. They have three gyms in Missouri, and one in Bloomington, Illinois.

9. Atomic Spa

If you’re the type that needs major relaxation after a good workout, visit the Atomic Spa in Italy. After a stimulating swim in the pool, you can visit the sauna (that has a waterfall!), take a Turkish Bath, get a wellness treatment like a facial or a massage, or relax in the flotation tank.

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