A College Guy's Take on Tinder

A College Guy's Take on Tinder


College is a time in which most guys look anywhere and everywhere for their next hook-up or girlfriend. So, it should be no surprise that the app Tinder exploded on the scene as another way of talking to girls without ever leaving your dorm room. Guys are mostly on it to get that spark and hopefully get lucky at the end of the night when they have nothing but a phone in the palm of their hands to accomplish it. You may catch that one in one thousand that is there just to meet people, but don’t hold your breath. Tinder dating may be the goal, but Tinder hook-ups are the norm.

You can usually figure out the motive of a guy by his bio. The cliché “just looking for some fun” or the profiles that don’t even take the time to put a bio usually scream hook-ups. Some give their life story, major, and interests, and may be looking for just a new group of friends. The fact is, though, that when someone does not have Tinder, they are met with a sturdy opposition. The most notable comment to sway their opinion is, “it’s a great way to find and hook up with girls.” I have confidence that this is all you need to know to realize a guy’s take on Tinder.

Some guys even take it as a challenge or a sport. Often congregating in the dorms to see who matched with who, what line they used, or what happened when they met up with each other. There are some situations where everyone is hanging out and having a good time before Tinder becomes the main focus, stunting the conversation as a whole. I have seen up to four or five students in a room, swiping away without uttering a word in conversation. Moreover, if you haven’t noticed, Tinder guys get right to the point. There may be a “hello” or “what’s up,” but after that it’s, “what are you doing later?” Guys use Tinder as nothing more than a tool to engage in conversation with the ever elusive Tinder girl.

Meanwhile, Tinder girls often seem to think this is the place to meet their next best friend. There are many profiles that say “just looking for a friend,” while every guy states “just looking for some fun.” Although this is the miserable truth, I can’t help but chuckle. Both sides advertise drastically different views, but Tinder continues to thrive, so somebody is lying.

Bottom line is, if you’re looking for your next love, stick to the old-fashioned way of searching the campus clubs and classes. I don’t believe Tinder is going to find you that diamond in the rough. But, if by any chance, you, too, are looking for that “fun,” then you know where to find it. Get to swiping.


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