College Graduation Gift Ideas

13 College Graduation Gift Ideas

13 College Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduating from college is one of the biggest accomplishments a person can achieve! So of course you will want to put some thought into what you give them to help celebrate. Avoid giving someone books on navigating their future...for the first time in years, this graduate is able to relax from all of the required reading! Try one of these great ideas instead.

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1. Money

It doesn’t matter how much. Student loans will be coming due, and new graduates are often moving, looking for jobs, or creating a work wardrobe. The gift of money can go a long way.

2. A “first day of work” survival kit.

This is a great DIY gift! You can include a gift card to a restaurant near their workplace, a mug or travel mug with an inspirational saying, colorful sticky notes, and maybe a fancy desk decor item or picture frame to personalize their new workspace.

3. A nice watch or a bracelet.

Every professional needs a nice watch! Especially if this person will have to dress up for their burgeoning career.

4. A home spa kit.

Bubble bath/bath soak/bath bombs, lotion, face mask, nail polish and a file. They’ll love this way to unwind at the end of the day!

5. A gift card for a massage, or a manicure/pedicure!

The last few years of college have been stressful! They’ll love a spa day. If you want in on this, instead of giving them a gift card, say you can go together and you’ll pay for it! Win-win!

6. A gift card for a gas station.

“You'll never know where you'll go!" If they live in, or are moving to a commuter city, a gas station gift card can come in handy.

7. A dessert kit.

Since they have time to devote to fun things instead of homework, they deserve the sweet treat! Give them a nice bowl filled with baking supplies and ingredients such as: cupcake liners, cake/brownie mix, an ice cream scoop, sprinkles, chocolate, etc. If they’re not into baking, or you want something easier to give, just give them a gift card to a cool dessert place. They probably won’t have a lot of money to spend on”extras” right away, so this will be a nice treat for them.

8. Sign them up for a class!

Art class, rock climbing lessons, gun range vouchers, a kayaking course, or something fun that matches an interest they may have had to put on hold while in school. You can do the activity with them.

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9. Adult coloring books and nice colored pencils.

These are always a good gift option, and they’re a great way to help de-stress after a long day of work.

10. Indoor plants or herbs in decorative containers.

Decorating a home is expensive, especially for a new college grad! Help them out by adding some color to their place with a plant or two.

11. An Airbnb getaway!

Feeling generous? Gift them a getaway (or an Airbnb gift card to help out with their next trip)!

12. A surprise dinner night.

A nice dinner is always good. Take your grad out to celebrate with their favorite meal.

13. A handwritten letter

Detail your fun times together, good memories, and how proud you are of them. This is something they can keep forever. 

Feel free to include pictures! This might not cost any money, but it could be the most valuable gift they receive.

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