Cheap Ways to Haunt Your Dorm Room This Halloween

Cheap Ways to Haunt Your Dorm Room This Halloween


Decorate your dorm for Halloween on the cheap. Here are some cool products (all under $40!) that will help you make your dorm a little scarier this October.

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String Lights

Add some color and light to your drab dorm. These lights are fun and festive and sure to add a little sparkle and holiday vibe to your room.

Get it here for $7.39.

Spooky Bats and Spider Webs

If you feel like going all out, add some fake cobwebs and eerie hanging bats from the ceilings or the bottom of loft beds.

Get them here for $10.59.
Get it here for $7.45.

Bedding Items

One way to make a big statement is with a themed comforter (it covers up your bed, i.e., takes up at least half of your dorm room). Get spooky with your crush…it’s a great excuse to cuddle! P.S. Adding in the throw pillows instantly makes you seem like you’ve mastered adulting.

Get them here for $14.99.
Get it here for $25.99.

Paper Lanterns and Garland

If you don’t want over-the-top Halloween decorations, these paper lanterns and string of garland are for you. They send the message that you love Halloween, but with a Pinterest-y vibe.

Get it here for $14.99.

These Cute Decorative Pumpkins

Pumpkins. Pumpkins everywhere. Plus, you can repurpose them for Thanksgiving.

Get it here for $22.99.

This Bloody Shower Curtain

If you’ve got your own bathroom (consider yourself lucky because communal bathrooms are probably the scariest thing about college, TBH), this creepy shower curtain is guaranteed to scare your friends.

Get it here for $6.85.

This Skull Mug

What’s better than coffee? Coffee in a Halloween mug, of course.

Get it here for $9.08.

Bat Garland

Your Halloween decorations aren’t complete without a string of bat garland to hang across a wall. Frickin' bats! I love Halloween. (Name that Vine.)

Get it here for $14.99.
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