7 Nice Cheap Watches to Get You to Class on Time

7 Best and Cheap Watches to Be on Time for Class

7 Best and Cheap Watches to Be on Time for Class

I go to the University of Michigan, where we have a concept called Michigan Time. It has been around forever and means that classes start 10 minutes after the hour. It makes it possible to schedule classes back to back, and helps A TON when you have an 8 a.m. all the way across campus from where you live. Well, with the new semester, the administration has decided to get rid of this extra ten minutes, and I am not quite ready. So here are seven trendy watches you can buy for low prices on Amazon to get you to class on time!

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1. Tonnier Stainless Steel Men’s Watch

This watch is sleek, trendy, and only $20 on Amazon right now. It comes in various stainless steel colors, including black, silver, gold, and rose gold.

2. Moulin Ladies Pastel Color Digital Jelly Watch

This watch is not only super cute, but it’s digital! Let’s be honest – we don’t all like reading analog clocks, and a digital watch is definitely the way to go. And it’s only $8!

3. Classic Map Leather Wrist Watch

Channel your inner travel bug and get this great watch to remind you of all the great places you’ve been and all the great places you’ll go! For only $10, you get this cool watch with a leather band.

4. Relogio Feminino Women’s Watch

This watch is gorgeous and sleek. It comes in various colors – black, brown, grey, pink, and white, and it’s only $20. Plus, it’s classy and shiny for those interviews and career fairs.

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5. Biden Brief Vogue Thin Milanese Mesh Band Watch

This watch is funky and unique. It is classy, but different and will make you stand out from your peers in the competitive classes.

6. Casual Quartz Wooden Wrist Watch

This watch is completely natural and made with no chemicals or paint. It’s unique and trendy and comes in three different patterns. It’s a little different, but it makes a great gift, as it comes with a handmade beaded bracelet.

7. COOKI Quartz Watch With Leather Band

This watch is classy and trendy with several color options, including grey, brown, green, pink, white, and wine. It’s currently on sale for only $5 + shipping, so definitely snatch it up while it’s that cheap and get to those summer classes on time!

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