Reasons to Join an Honors College

5 Benefits of Being in an Honors College


If you’re an academically gifted student, and have the option of being a part of an honors college program, then first off, that’s amazing! So many of us would love to be skilled at algebra, biology, chemistry, statistics, etc., so kudos to you for being a part of the high-GPA club. Now, you’re probably wondering if you should actually join that honors college program. Being a part of an honors college will definitely have its pros and cons, and this article will show you a few of the pros. To help you make a decision, I’ve compiled a list of five benefits of being in an honors college program.

1. Priority registration

There are many colleges and universities who will give their honors-program students a priority registration status. Being able to register for classes before other students will definitely come in handy for those high-demand courses that tend to fill up quickly.

2. Academic advisors

There are a number of honors college programs that will offer their students certain academic advisors. These advisors will be very helpful to you because they’ll be familiar with all of the program’s requirements, and they can help you with other aspects of your college experience as well.

3. Make yourself more competitive

If grad school, a PhD, or other types of further schooling are in your future, then being a part of an honors college program could be a great addition to your resume or application. Especially in choosy programs/schooling (e.g. medical and law school), having a way to set yourself apart from other students is always a great idea.


4. Smaller class sizes

Everybody has a different way of learning, and if small, intimate spaces are where you learn best, then joining an honors program could be a great thing for you. A student in an honors program will be required to take honors courses, and they tend to be smaller and more focused on certain subjects.

5. Housing options

If you’re an incoming freshman, or a returning student who wishes to stay on campus, then you’ll be glad to know that many honors programs offer housing options just for the students in their program. The housing options are different than the typical dorm, and tend to be a community-style home where other honors students are living with each other.

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