9 Ways to Make Working Out Fun (For Real)

9 Ways to Make Working Out Fun (For Real)


The thought of working out may seem like a chore, but once you get into a groove, it becomes a lot more fun – promise. Here’s how:

Bring a Partner

Working out is always better when you have a friend to motivate you! Find a workout buddy who wants to commit to fitness just as much as you. You can even make the workout more entertaining by creating a competition between you and your friend.

Create a Playlist

Before starting your workout routines, create an exercise playlist of your favorite hype songs that will get you in the mood. We’re happier when we play our favorite songs, so why not use those songs to dial your energy up a notch?

Set a Realistic Goal

Setting goals is something that can really motivate you and help make working out fun. Of course, forcing yourself to work out the first few times will be hard, but once you have a consistent routine, you’ll want to keep doing it. Seeing the results of all your hard work will keep you going!

Set a Crazy Goal

While small goals are great to work towards, crazy goals can add more fun to your workout, too! Do you want to run a marathon? Complete a Tough Mudder? Get a black belt? Come up with some wild goals for yourself and have fun getting there.

Be Creative

Working out doesn’t have to mean staying in the gym all day. There are tons of ways to feel the burn. Whether it’s running, walking, biking, jumping rope, hula hooping, dancing, or even bowling, expand your perspective and find other ways to make your exercise a blast.

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Take Selfies

Show off your progress by taking selfies after every session. Even if you’re not focused on losing weight, you can still take a fun post-workout selfie to document all your hard work. If you have a workout partner, you can make it a routine to snap a few pictures together when your workout is done.

Join a Class

Joining a class can also add some fun to your workouts because you’ll be with a group of people all working toward the same thing. There are plenty of fitness classes out there, whether it’s spin, kickboxing, barre, or even belly dancing. Don’t be afraid try something new. These classes may seem intimidating at first, but the comradery you feel with your fellow fitness freaks makes will help you feel at home in no time.

Find an App

There are some fun fitness apps that help you track your progress and let you communicate with others to make working out more social. This is also great if you don’t want to hire a personal trainer, because the app will help you meet your goals on your own time. Many offer push notification reminders for exercise and inspirational quotes to get you motivated and help you stay that way!

Give Yourself a Reward

Set up a reward for when you’ve reached a certain goal. For example, put some money aside to go shopping or to get a mani-pedi. However you want to reward yourself, put it on your calendar to keep you motivated! It will make all those burpees worth it!

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