9 Signs She’s Into You that You’re Probably Missing

9 Signs She’s Into You that You’re Probably Missing


We know the regular signs of attraction: making eye contact with someone and not turning away, the body language that shows they are interested in more than just being friends, the touching of a hand or  thigh. These are  the usual signs. But what about the signs that you don’t notice when a girl is into you? Here are 10 signs she’s into you that you’re probably missing.

1. She’ll ask you questions.

You may think she’s just being really nosy. But nope. She is really interested in your life. She wants to know about your family, what you do for fun, and your life. If she wasn’t into you, she  wouldn’t bother to get the details! She’s also trying to figure out when she can see you again if your life is too busy.

2. She remembers small details you’ve told her.

She’ll remember when it’s your birthday, when you rode your first bike, and where you misplaced your car keys. Why would she remember all this? It’s because she really likes you.

3. She will initiate some kind of contact.

It may not be in a sexual way, but she will find some subtle way to touch you. It might be gently touching your hand while you both reach for the check or lightly brushing off something on your cheek. If she’s into you, she will try to break the space between the two of you.

4. When you’re together, she stays off her phone.

It’s not because no one is texting her. No, it’s because she values spending time with you over being on her phone. Because we are a generation addicted to electronics, especially our phones, this is a big clue she digs you.

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5. She gives you a hard time.

She’s not being mean, she’s flirting with you! Don’t take it as she doesn’t like you or doesn’t want to be around you. She’s probably just nervous and is being playful.

6. She texts you right away.

We’re all attached to our phones, but there are times where we ignore our text messages and just keep scrolling through social media. But if she takes the time to ignore all of that and texts you back right away, she’s definitely into you.

7. She’ll do anything to hang out with you.

She’ll go out of her way to spend time with you. She loves spending time with you and will do anything to fill that gap to be next to you again.

8. She will come outright and tell you that she’s into you.

Some guys don’t listen when a woman talks. They will pretend to listen and be interested, but in reality, they didn’t hear a single word she said. And amongst the stuff that was being said are the words, “I really like you.” Listen up!

9. She will do all she can to make sure that you are happy before her.

Most guys will mistake this as her just being a caring friend. But no. She wants you to be happy and show you that she does care about you more than you know, even if it means putting your happiness before hers.

Open your eyes, guys – if you’ve got a girl like this, scoop her up!

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