9 Reasons to Get More Involved in School

9 Reasons to Get More Involved in School


Becoming more involved in school can have lots of advantages to your personal and academic life. After all, you never know what could happen! Check out some of the best reasons why you should get more involved:

Learn New Things

It’s always good to have more knowledge about anything. To start, try joining a club or campus organization related to your major. You will definitely learn things that you can take back to class, and it will also help you in your future career.

Discover a New Interest

Don’t be afraid to try something new. You may find something that you are absolutely passionate about. For example, I never thought I would be on a step team, but I joined, anyway, and I love it more than any other activity.

Build Your Resume

Your resume is something that should be updated constantly. Getting involved with clubs, activities, or on-campus jobs that relate to your major is great resume builders. Even if they are not directly related to your major, they may offer other skills that will help you when applying for future jobs.

Develop Useful Skills

Getting involved in school can lead you to a leadership or any other type of position. You can develop better communication, teamwork, organizational, management, or other skills. Build on these, and put them to use in your everyday life, as well as your resume. We all grow and change with each new experience, so take advantage of all of your opportunities.

Scholarship Opportunities

Lots of people don’t realize that some clubs and organizations offer scholarships. The more scholarships you earn, the less money you will have to pay back after college. And, even if the organization you want to join does not offer scholarships, it will still be helpful experience when filling out other scholarship and job applications.

Make New Friends

Getting more involved in school is one of the best ways to make new friends. This will be great, especially if you are a shy and more reserved person. Getting involved can help you break out of your shell, and you may even find your new best friend.

Helps Build Community

Sometimes, it gets hard being away from your family and friends while you’re at school. Getting involved is a great way to build a new community of friends with similar interests.

Helps You Become Connected With Your School

Becoming more involved also gives you a closer connection with your school. Oftentimes it’s hard to see all of the resources that are provided for you. Getting involved helps you do that.

Have Fun!

Getting involved on campus is also a great way to take a break from all of the school work. Find something that interests and excites you, and that you can look forward to after a long day. Everyone should have something fun to balance out all the work.

Getting involved in school has many benefits. Even though you may not see them right away, don’t give up. Try everything out at least once to see if you really enjoy it. Sometimes, the benefit is discovering that you don’t want to ever do it again — but you can keep searching for something that excites and motivates you.

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