9 Creative Summer Date Ideas for College Couples

9 Creative Summer Date Ideas for College Couples


If you’re looking for something new and exciting to try with your significant other (S.O.) this summer, you’ve come to the right place. Cross these things off your seasonal bucket list now, before classes start again in the fall:

1. Visit a drive-in movie theater.

This spin on a classic dinner-and-a-movie date is perfect for the old soul. You can cuddle in the bed of a pickup truck or on the hood of your car with your S.O. while watching all the new, highly-anticipated summer flicks. If you have a drive-in theater near you, take advantage of it!

2. Hike a mountain.

What could be more rewarding than reaching the top of a challenging trail? You’ll bond on your way up the mountain as you help each other climb and push each other to finish the hike. Plus, with minimal cell phone service, you’ll have all day to escape from your busy lives and just spend time together.

3. Try something new — outdoors.

Summertime is the best time of year to be outside — so why not make an unforgettable memory out there and try something new? From camping, to kayaking, to even zip lining in some areas, there’s something for everyone to try for the first time in the great outdoors this summer.

4. Visit an amusement or water park.

If you have a little extra cash this summer, consider heading to a local theme park for roller coasters (or a refreshing splash on waterslides). The adrenaline and fear will bring you closer as you cling to each other for dear life!

5. Grab ice cream.

Wait for the ice cream truck to come by, or visit your local frozen treat stand with your honey this summer. This is cheap, fun, and satisfying for anyone with a sweet tooth!

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6. Spend some time on a river or lake.

The possibilities are endless when you enjoy time in (or on) the water. From tubing, to white water rafting, to canoeing, to even jet skiing, find out what’s available in your area, and take advantage of nature’s natural water parks.

7. Play an outdoor game.

Live up the warm season by doing things you simply can’t do in the cold of winter, like spending some time at a local recreation center playing adventurous sports and games, like paintball or laser tag. You can even invite some friends to come along on a group date!

8. Take a day trip.

Whether you head to a nearby big city or spend a long, hot day at the beach, a day trip can be the perfect date to plan. Experience traveling with your S.O. without having to go on an expensive getaway, or having to take too much time off from your summer internship.

9. Watch the skies.

Summer nights have a reputation for being warm enough to be outside, but cool enough for cuddling. For a completely free date with lots of opportunity for deep conversation, try watching the sunset, and then stargazing together. You can use an application on your phone to find constellations in the skies. Plus, if you fall asleep, you can always watch the sunrise in the morning.

With months free from classes, summer is the perfect time to plan exciting dates like these. So what are you waiting for? Call up your honey and get going!


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