8 Ways to Stand Out at Your Internship

8 Ways to Stand Out at Your Internship


So, you finally got the internship you wanted! Now what? Look over these tips on how to stand out at your new internship.

1. Be prepared.

Start your internship off right by emailing your boss beforehand to ask how you can best prepare for your first day. This will show your boss that you are both excited and serious about the position, and you are ready to take on responsibility. Also, bring in your resume and internship cover letter in case another employee wants to see your skills and what else you have done.

2. Get to know everyone.

An important advantage you have while interning is that you can meet everyone in the business. Be friendly and make yourself known around the office. Communicate your interests, ideas, and goals. Continue to ask your boss and others if they need help with anything to show that you are a dependable intern. In addition, make sure you network. Your colleagues can be great contacts for you in the future.

3. Take all your tasks seriously.

Even if you are given the simplest task, take it seriously, because they all have purpose. Remember that you are not going to be given the harder tasks right away. We all have to start somewhere. Taking your small responsibilities seriously will show that you will be ready to handle more.

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4. Be on time!

It is hard to have an internship early in the morning, especially if you are on summer break. But that should be no excuse for being late. Time management is key. Use your internship to show that you are a hard worker and that you want to be a part of your office. Being late will only show otherwise.

5. Ask questions.

Asking questions about the job is a good way to show that you are interested in how things are done in your field and at your company. Offering suggestions is also good. It shows that you can think for yourself and are trying to contribute to the success of the business.

6. Keep up with deadlines.

When you are assigned the harder tasks, be sure to be aware of and meet the deadlines. This is also important in virtual internships. Although you don’t have to worry about being late or dress codes with virtual internships, there are still important assignments and dates you must keep up with.

7. Ask for feedback.

As an intern, it is good to ask how well you are doing, and what you can do better. This will bring your strengths and weaknesses into light and will help you make the changes you need to succeed.

8. Become part of the team, not just an intern.

It may be a really exciting time to work in a place you want to end up in for your career. But don’t let that excitement keep you from a successful mindset. I just recently got an internship at my dream job, and I always feel excited when I walk into the building, like a kid in a candy store. But I told myself that I had to change it to the type of excited as if I’m the owner of the candy store. There is a different type of energy, feeling, and responsibility. Treat the internship like a real job, and maybe you will actually work there someday!

These tips should definitely help you be successful at your internship. Remember to keep an open mind and to have a good attitude. Good luck!

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