8 Tips to Get the Most out of Tailgating Season

8 Tips to Get the Most out of Tailgating Season


Maybe it occurs only before the big game, or your school has one every week. Either way, tailgates are a great experience for any college student. At first glance, tailgates can be a lot to take in. Use these tips to master your tailgating experience!

1. Arrive Early

Tailgating is a unique American experience that originated with the idea of fans using their vehicle’s tailgate as a chair before the game, while drinking a six pack and waiting for the stadium gates to open. Much like everything in the United States, tailgating has evolved over the years and has become one of the biggest celebrations of Americana and athletics. Tailgates often begin hours before the big game, and are outside in an area near the stadium. Tailgates on college campuses can also be open to the public, causing the tailgating area to become packed with people. Set up your table early, or join friends at theirs to to beat the crowd. Arriving early to your school’s tailgate can also have other benefits, such as free t-shirts and, of course, a better spot.

2. Go with a Friend

Since tailgates are very popular, and often one of the biggest events on a college campus, going with a friend can be a great way to enjoy the party, have fun, and remain safe. Let’s face it: our country is not as safe as it once was, and being lost in a crowd of people, or consuming alcohol with strangers, are unsafe practices that could lead to a terrible experience. Plan it out with a friend or find someone in your class who is going. If you're new on campus, or don’t have any friends who are going, start asking students around you what their plans are for the tailgate. Most likely they will love for you to join in on the fun, and may even ask you to help them plan for it. Tailgates at college campuses across our nation definitely follow the rule of “the more the merrier.”

3. Enjoy It While It Lasts

Often, when former college students are asked about their favorite memories on campus, tailgating before a game is usually mentioned somewhere in their stories. Being a college student at your school’s tailgate is an experience that you will only have access to for a short time in your life, and one that every college student should definitely take advantage of. Have fun, be safe, and use these few tips as a guideline to make your tailgating experience one to remember.

Other tips!

Wear sunscreen

Tailgates can often last a long time in the open sun, and you don't want to end up looking like a lobster.

Only drink beverages that are unopened

It's always better to be safe than sorry!

Stay with your friends

There are often a lot of people at tailgates, and you don't want to get lost.

Dress in layers

The temperature may be hot at the tailgate, but cold in the stadium or arena. Fall weather is often unpredictable, so give yourself options by dressing in layers!

Use plastic bags

They're perfect for storing food for the tailgate and are easy to stick in a cooler during the game.


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