7 Ways to Make Mornings Suck Less

7 Ways to Make Mornings Suck Less

Mornings suck — period. If you’re anything like me, and it takes you a solid hour before you can even function after you wake up, you need these tips to get you going:

1. Start the morning off on the right foot.

It’s a simple, 30-second task, but it can change your whole morning: start off by making your bed. Studies have shown that making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment that you need to spring forward into a productive day. Plus, your room looks a lot neater, which lessens your stress levels, and makes your mother very happy. If you have time to send your “bae” a good morning text, you have time to make your bed!

2. Get moving.

Waking up your whole body involves getting blood to flow throughout it once again — and that means you have to move! Some suggest stretching each and every limb on your body, even your fingers and toes, before even opening your eyes. If you can, the morning is a great time to hit the gym, too! Try to at least take a moment to do a quick yoga pose or a few push-ups before you start the day — you’ll feel a lot more energized and awake.

3. Plan ahead.

If you aren’t a morning person, or mornings can be stressful for you, it’s probably because you’re trying to do too much in a short time-frame. Don’t rush yourself. Set an earlier alarm (and go to bed earlier if you have to), so you have time to do everything you need to do in the mornings.

Planning ahead can also help you cut out valuable time, so you don’t have to set that earlier alarm. Shower and pick out your outfit the night before, so that’s one less thing you need to do before you’re off to school or work.

4. Eat breakfast.

They don’t say it’s the most important meal of the day for no reason. After you’ve gone eight hours (or more) without eating, you really need to replenish your body. Eating breakfast will give you the energy you need for the day right from the start, and it can even help you lose some weight if you eat a bigger breakfast with smaller meals throughout the day.

5. Stay hydrated.

And no, this doesn’t mean drink more soda and coffee. The best way to wake yourself up is a nice, cool glass of water. Staying hydrated is vital for the busy days of a college student, so if you must have coffee, make sure you follow it with some crisp H2O to get your blood pumping.

6. Set a regular schedule.

As tempting as it can be to sleep in whenever possible, if you set your alarm for the same time every day, it will be much easier to wake up. The less you need to pound the snooze button, the better!

7. Start a Morning Pages book.

A college professor of mine taught me all about this magical diary. For those wishing to be more productive (and creative) during the day, a Morning Pages journal can be just the project for you. All you have to do is write three pages, non-stop, in your journal each morning, first thing when you wake up. Even if all you’re writing is, “I don’t know what to write,” don’t stop writing. This clears your mind of all your grievances from previous days, helps you plan the day ahead, and gives you another accomplishment to kick start a happy and productive day — and what college student couldn’t use a little writing practice?

Anyone can be a morning person if you’re willing to make some changes to your routine. If you can handle these simple switches, you’ll be popping out of bed much faster, and starting your day off right!

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