7 Universities Where You Can Take a Class on Harry Potter

7 Universities Where You Can Take a Class on “Harry Potter”


Potterheads will not be disappointed to find that there is room to express their love for Harry Potter while excelling in school. The cult-favorite J.K. Rowling series has taken the world by storm by not only dominating the box office and bookstores, but by making its way into college classrooms. Drop your boring lectures, grab your wands and cloaks, and sign up for a class you can enjoy!

Appalachian State University – What if Harry Potter Is Real

Learn how fantasy can be used to depict the real world as you analyze the geography and historical events written in the Harry Potter novels. You’ll examine the issues of race, class, gender, and the role of multiculturalism in the Muggle world.

College of the Holy Cross – Defense Against the Dark Arts

The bible is world’s best-selling book, and among the list of best-sellers is the Harry Potter series. The worlds of fiction and faith have their similarities and differences. This class will help you explore how the fictional world of Harry Potter can reflect that of religious devotion.

Emory University – Harry Potter in America

Discover how Harry Potter captivated the U.S. as you study the books and films in relation to children’s literature and the themes of abandonment, power, and fear. Evaluate the recurring anglophilia (someone who loves England and all things English) within the books/films, censorships due to religion, fan-made fiction, the Orlando theme park, and more.

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Georgetown University – Knights of Old & Harry Potter

Take a trip back in time by reading works of medieval literature and comparing it with the modern novels of Harry Potter. The fantasy stories of the old and new times are similar with their focus on self-discovery and growth. Follow Harry throughout the novels as he finds his identity through love, friendship, success and failure, responsibility, and much more.

Lawrence University – Thinking About Harry Potter

Further examine the social and political implications of Harry Potter on society by focusing on the history, legends, and myths mentioned in the novel. With an in-depth look at your favorite childhood novels, discover what gives the stories its merit.

Mount St. Mary’s University – Harry Potter and the Middle Ages

Medieval magic, witchcraft, alchemy, and bestiaries are just a few of the topics the Middle Ages and Harry Potter have in common. Discover the historical, intellectual, and literary inspiration for the series by the medieval period.

Northern Arizona University – Harry Potter and the Hero’s Journey

Much like Wonder Woman or Batman, Harry Potter himself is a hero who goes on a journey to discover himself all the while portrayed as the good that prevails over evil. Discover what makes someone a hero or a villain as you analyze the Harry Potter books and films by focusing on topics such as justice, friendship, freewill, and death.


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