7 Romantic Cliches Girls Secretly Love

7 Romantic Cliches Girls Secretly Love

Romance novels and romantic comedy films continue to recreate the same old stories year after year, with stereotypical characters and overdone situations. Some of these media clichés are terribly overrated, but here are a few that girls actually want to experience (even if they won’t admit it):

1. Stopping everything and staring into each other’s eyes

One of the most popular romantic comedy clichés, this scene is usually paired with an exaggerated overture soundtrack and flawless close-up shots. The world completely ceasing to exist around you seems like an impossible wish, but if you do this right, it seems to really happen. Look up every once in a while and lock your gaze with your partner — it connects the two of you more than you’d think.

2. Watching the sunset and stargazing

Cue the credit reel! It may be overdone, but this stereotypical date will give you the chance to talk and just enjoy each other’s company without the stress of a big plan. It’s not only romantic — it’s totally Instagram-worthy!

3. Kissing on top of a ferris wheel

At every carnival and amusement park, there’s a couple hoping to get stuck at the top of this ride. It seems like you can see the whole world from up there, so even if you aren’t the main characters of a romance novel, rest assured that your girl secretly wants to make out with you on the Ferris wheel — even if every other couple (real and fictional) has already done it.

4. Having a candlelit dinner

This isn’t just a first date activity, like it is in the movies. Simple Chinese food take out is instantly upgraded with a candle, and, despite the cliché, you’d be surprised at how much this adds to a routine dinner.

5. Jumping into his (or her) arms and being spun around

Whether you’re being reunited after a week away, a shift at work, or a five-minute escape to the bathroom, every return can be dramatic and exciting. It’s stereotypical for sure, and not something you see in real life a whole lot, but no girl will deny being swept off her feet every once in a while!

6. Being sung to (perhaps with an acoustic guitar)

The most cliché way to woo your girl is to sing her a song. Writing your own love ballad is ideal, but even if you sing a cliché tune and only know four chords on the guitar, she will melt at the sound of your voice, just like the chicks do in the movies!

7. Going on a cliché dinner date

Picture it now: you arrive at her house, all dressed up, ring the door bell, give her flowers, open her car door for her, and take her to a fancy restaurant. This is the most cliché depiction of a date in any novel or film, but it’s a great way to show your chivalry to your girl in a classy way. Adventure dates can be fun, but never underestimate the power of a simple dinner out — she secretly loves it every once in a while.

These romantic comedy clichés might appear in every chick flick in theaters, but it’s okay to be stereotypical every once in a while. If you can make these happen for your girl, she just might fall for you all over again.

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