7 Reasons Every Girl Needs a Guy Best Friend

7 Reasons Every Girl Needs a Guy Best Friend


Every girl needs her gal pals for lonely nights after break ups, club expeditions, and ice cream dates — but where would we be without our guy friends? From relationship advice to outfit tips, here are some reasons why all girls need a boy BFF:

1. He can explain boys to you.

Sure, you and your girls can try to analyze text messages from shady boys, but what could be better than a man himself? He’ll know why that guy hasn’t responded in two hours — and he won’t put ridiculous ideas in your head like the gals will.

2. He’ll recommend outfits for nights on the town.

Your best guy friend will make certain that you look good for a night out. Want to look sexy? He’ll know exactly what you look best in. (Even if you’re just friends, you know he at least notices these things.) He can even make recommendations for how much is too much make-up, and he’ll make sure your high heels don’t make you look like you’re trying too hard.

3. You can relax when you’re around him.

Let’s face it, girls — we always dress up for each other. We feel good about being in a group of hot chicks, but everyone needs a slump day sometimes. Your guy friend is right there to let you be frumpy and comfortable. Maybe he’s even awesome enough to let you borrow his big, comfy clothes!

4. He’ll give THE BEST relationship advice.

He knows men better than you do, meaning that he knows when your current S.O. is in it for the right reasons. You can call your guy BFF first when you need dating help. You’d be a fool not to take his advice!

5. You always have a cuddle buddy on hand.

After a long, stressful day, you know you can call up your best guy friend and ask him to Netflix and cuddle. Things will always remain platonic between you two, but there’s nothing wrong with having a big teddy bear at your disposal.

6. He can challenge you to be better.

Whether this means in video games (boys just seem to be naturally better, somehow), in school, or in life, your guy BFF will know exactly how to motivate and challenge you to be your best. It’s like having a personal life coach on speed dial!

7. He’ll always stand beside you, without drama.

Best friends who are guys are probably not out to steal your boyfriends, like some “friends” are. He’s loyal and committed, and he’ll defend you when you need extra support. All of this with no strings attached? Count me in!

For the lucky girls who find them, having a guy best friend means all of this and more. You simply can’t always get this stuff from the girls in your life. So ditch the G.N.O. (girls’ night out) every once in a while, and make room for the guy pal. Make sure you thank yours for all he has done for you!

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