7 Pet Peeves About Being a Girl Gamer

7 Pet Peeves About Being a Girl Gamer


1. “You’re a  GIRL?!”

Statistically, 48% of gamers are female. As large as that number is ─ an almost even split of girls to guys ─ I constantly get  this line when playing online. It’s almost as if they’ve never played with a girl before. Which may actually be the case since I’ve also been told, “you’re the first girl I’ve played this game with.”

2. Game shopping

I’ve been gaming my whole life. With that said, I know exactly what I’m looking for when I go game shopping. Trying to tell that to the guy trying to help is like beating a dead horse: tiresome and pointless. I can’t even describe all the times I’ve gone to GameStop in search of a specific game, and been told that I wouldn’t like that game because it’s “too violent for a girl,” or that they don’t have it in stock, so, “what about this game? It’s practically the same thing.” Number 1: I know that game is violent. It’s why I want it. Bring me all the blood and gore! Number 2: They are not the same thing, and I want this game. Please, stop patronizing me.

3. “But you don’t look like a gamer.”

Gee, thanks? Listen, just because I like to wear my hair down and wear makeup doesn’t mean I don’t look like a gamer. I wasn’t aware there was a uniform. I never leave home without my Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita fully charged, and I can recite how to complete the missions in my favorite games as if I’m a living walkthrough. I know you think you’re giving me a compliment, but you’re not. The way I look and dress has nothing to do with my gaming abilities.

4. “You’re a girl, what do you know?”

In a way, this pet peeve feeds off pet peeve number three. A lot of the time, since I don’t “look like a gamer,” people I meet don’t believe me when I say I’m a hardcore gamer. Of course, this usually works to my advantage. They challenge me to a match, and I kick their butts. The only reason this is a pet peeve is because I don’t like being underestimated because of the gender I identify with.

5. “So, like, do you have a boyfriend?”

I am not online for you to fetishize me. I am online to kill zombies and get that platinum trophy. Enough said.

6. “I support you.”

I get it: a lot of guys want to be supportive of women. I appreciate it, I really do! Thank you to all the guys that have been kind to me or treated me equally even though in the eyes of others I’m a lesser gamer just because I’m female.

Except, everything has a limit. Sure, support girl gamers! Treat them no different than any other gamer, and don’t doubt their skills. However, if we’re in the middle of a match and I need back up but you’re too busy trying to emotionally support me? That is not the time or place. The only support I need is to not ruin our perfect run. Focus!

7. “You’d spend $200 on a console?! Why? Wouldn’t you rather have a new pair of shoes?”

Many of the quotes I’ve mentioned have come from guys. However, this quote came from another girl. This made it on the list of pet peeves because I would, and have, spent over $200 on a new console. Do I regret it? Nope, I never have and never will. I love my console. I also love shoes and clothes. But, as a gamer, three or four new games is more important to me than a new pair of shoes. I do love heels, but I’d much rather save my money for something I’ll use countless times than for a pair of shoes that I’ll stop wearing once I get new ones. I’m going to get a lot more use out of the game.

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