7 College Clubs That Will Help You Stay Active - Even for Non-Athletes

7 Athletic Clubs for the Non-Athlete


Not everyone is into sports. Some people hate the competition aspect, and others are just completely uncoordinated. But you may want to join an athletic club so you can start to get in shape, try something new, or because it looks great on your resume! Here’s seven athletic clubs for the non-athlete:

1. Walking Club

Yes, walking clubs exist. Not only is walking great for your health, but it’s an easy way to meet and talk to new people. Unlike a rigorous sport, you can actually breathe and use your voice while walking. You might even be able to bring your dog! This club is also great for people who love to be outside and soak up the sunshine.

2. Fishing

If you have a love for the water and nature, fishing club is for you. Not only will you develop a new skill, but you’ll learn about all the different species of fish out there. Fishing is also practical, because it’s a survival skill. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you’ll be covered!

3. Archery

Archery may not look physically demanding, but after about 20 minutes of shooting arrows, your arms will be burning! Proper form will give you a full body workout without the need for $150 shoes and a gym membership. Many schools have archery clubs and you can also measure your improvement easily just by looking at the target. Bullseye!

4. Bowling

Not only is bowling incredibly fun, but it’s also not too exhausting physically. There’s a lot of down time between turns, and you can always start out by using the bumpers! Bowling also has a fun atmosphere to it, and it seems to be a sport popular among various age groups. Besides, it’s a sport where eating fries is almost mandatory.

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5. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relax and improve your flexibility. Studies have shown that yoga is also beneficial for your mental health and breathing. Yoga moves can always be modified, so if you can’t do the advanced move just yet, chances are the instructor can show you a simplified version of the pose. You’ll be surprised at how much you sweat when you really get into it. Namaste!

6. Golf

Golf doesn’t have to involve much cardio or heavy lifting. You can opt for a cart to get from hole to hole, are walk it with your clubs if you want a little more exercise.  People who become hooked on golf are devoted to constantly improving their game. It’s  also a popular sport for both genders, and ─ as stereotypical as it sounds ─ golf can come in handy if you’re pursuing a career in business, law, or medicine. Gotta get that networking in!

7. Swimming

Swimming is one of those activities that gives your body a great workout, but it doesn’t feel like a chore.  Since there are indoor pools and outdoor pools, you can do this sport all year round. The ability to swim is an important foundation for many other activities. It can provide a full body workout and is great if you have injuries or weight issues that are discouraging you from exercising. If you’re a good swimmer, you can also participate in other water activities such as water polo, surfing, or water skiing. Lots of colleges have an aquatic center, and most local gyms and rec centers offer student discounts, too!

If you haven’t always been an athlete, trying a new sport can be intimidating. Don’t let your lack of athleticism prevent you from grabbing a friend and giving it a shot!


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