6 Things to Do When You Find Out Who Your Roommate Is

6 Things to Do When You Find Out Who Your Roommate Is

1. Find out how to contact them.

Friend requesting them on Facebook is a good place to start. You can also look them up on other social media sites. You don’t have to go “stalker” on them, but you can learn a little bit about them by looking at their posts and profile.

2. Once you’re connected through social media, you can message or email them.

Then you can exchange phone numbers and start getting to know each other. You can ask questions like, “What’s your major? Where are you from? What college groups/organizations are you interested in joining? Do you have any allergies?” You can also ask random, fun questions after a while, such as, “Do you have any siblings? What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite subject? What are your hobbies? Do you like animals? What’s your favorite movie or TV show?” Make sure you tell them about yourself, too!

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3. Find out about their study/living habits.

Do they stay up really late or go to bed early? Do they shower in the morning or night? Do they listen to loud music? How long does it take them to get ready in the morning?

These things are nice to know, but if you don’t want to ask questions like those, you will quickly find the answers once you’re living together. It can be a good idea to set boundaries when you move in – things like not being loud after 11 p.m., wearing headphones when you listen to music if someone is doing homework, and/or protocol for inviting other people over.

4. If you live near each other, you can meet each other in person before move-in day.

This will help you become better friends and it will make move-in day a lot less awkward. You can meet at your house, a café, or even a store to buy dorm supplies.

5. About a month before you move in, start making a list of what each of you needs to bring for your dorm.

Of course, you’ll each take care of your own personal items, but there are a lot of shared supplies you’ll need to sort out. Decide who can bring paper towels, rugs, a broom, a microwave, and a mini fridge. Decide if you want a TV or a small couch, and who can bring what. If you have your own bathroom, like my roommate and I had, you’ll both need to decide on a shower curtain design, a bath mat/rug, and both of you should bring lots of toilet paper. If you want to coordinate colors for bedsheets, pillows, and decorations, decide on the colors before you go out and buy stuff. If you want to share snacks, you can plan that out (but my advice is to just keep your food separate; it’s easier!).

6. If you looked up your soon-to-be roommate on social media and started talking to them, but you don’t think you're going to like them, don’t be discouraged!

Give them a chance; people can be different in-person than they are online. The best thing you can do is have a positive attitude and try to get along!