6 Things That Always Happen When You Go To IKEA

6 Things That Always Happen When You Go To IKEA
Ikea by rarye licensed by CC BY 2.0

1. You’ll spend countless hours there.

Whether it’s your first time or your 100th time at IKEA, time just seems to fly by at light speed. You enter IKEA and look at your phone at 12:24, and suddenly you look back down and it’s 3:47. Even if you’ve there countless times, you still feel the need to walk through every room in the showcase section. How could you not spend hours there when their layout is designed to keep you in their store forever?

2. You’ll buy way more than you anticipated.

You go to IKEA with a game plan of what you’re going to buy, but you always end up with about 800 more items than you need in your blue plastic bag. You walked into IKEA trying to furnish your bedroom but you end up in the living room section trying to convince yourself that you need a new sofa even though your current one is perfectly fine. (Even if that’s the case, you’ll most likely walk out with that sofa. That’s IKEA for you.)

3. You’ll get inspired.

Those showcases, you guys. You get inspired on how to decorate your current place or even cool ideas on how your dream home will look. Whether you’re working on decorating your spacious living room or trying to fill your tiny dorm room with furniture that serves more than one purpose, you’ll always get cool ideas from IKEA.

4. You’ll buy unnecessary things from the marketplace.

If you didn’t end up spending all your money on items from the showroom, well, don’t worry, because you will once you enter the marketplace! For some reason, you’ll always be able to convince yourself that you need more tea lights, even though you have three unopened packs at home. Or that you need a cool lamp even though you know it’s going to stay in the box just like the last one you got. And you definitely need that $2 colander you’ll never use because, hey, GrubHub is a thing. Damn you, IKEA.

5. You’ll have more fun than you expected to have.

You won’t want to admit it, but you had fun at IKEA even though your wallet may be saying something else. Whether you love shopping or not, IKEA will make you fall in love with them. You’ll end up going there often just to look around for fun with no intentions of spending money (even though you and I both know you’ll buy a thing or 10). IKEA just has a way of making shopping fun for everyone.

6. You’ll leave thinking about your next trip there.

So maybe you spent a bit more than you would have liked to buying random items for your house that will never come out of the box, but as soon as you leave you’ll think about going back again. You will also make a promise that next time you come, you will be quick and more productive with your time, buying only what you came for...even though you know that’s a lie.

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