6 Pros of Being Single in College

6 Pros of Being Single in College


1. You Save Money

As a broke college student, it’s hard enough to afford a box of ramen noodles, let alone a romantic dinner for two. All those Valentine’s Day gifts and birthday presents add up. Save that extra money for textbooks or laundry. Plus, single girls are more likely to get free drinks at bars. This may not apply to the single guys, but the single ladies should take advantage of all the benefits they can get.

2. You Can Date

There are plenty of fish in the sea. You’ll never meet more people than you will in college, and it’s always good to keep your options open. There’s no reason to settle down so early in life, so take all the time you need reeling in a good catch and enjoy the single life. In the meantime, you can also enjoy all the cute faces on campus without the guilt of cheating on your partner or making someone jealous.

3. You Forge Better Friendships

Who needs love when you have friendship? Finding a group of close friends that will support you throughout college and beyond is a much more important task than landing a few fizzling flings. Dedicate time to your friendships, and they’ll last much longer than most college relationships. Who knows? One of those friendships may even turn into something more one day.

4. You Avoid Drama

College life contains enough stress. Adding the strain of tending to a relationship and facing potential heartbreak isn’t going to make life any easier. We’ve all had our hearts broken, and we’ve all seen our friends go through the same situation. It sucks. Fighting with a significant other is the last thing any college student needs during finals week or right before the deadline of a big project.

5. You Can Focus on Schoolwork

Studying may not sound as appealing as date night, but it’s much better for your grades. Without a romantic partner to distract you, it’s much easier to focus completely on yourself and your school work, which pays off in the long run. You have plenty of time to meet your significant other five to ten years from now when you’re working your dream job and are in a financially stable situation. People have plenty of regrets about who they date in high school or college, but no one ever has any regrets about acing all of their classes.

6. You Have More Options After Graduation

If you’re single, you have no one tying you down after you graduate or even during holiday breaks. While of course you're never obligated to stay in town or move to a different city to accompany your significant other’s schedule, it’s tempting to do so in order to spend more time with them. Whether you use that freedom to travel the world, search for the best jobs around the country, or stay close to home, the decision is yours to make. When you’re on your own, the world is your oyster, and there’s nothing stopping you from going out there and finding your pearl.

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