Don't Have a Summer Internship? Look No Further

6 Places to Look for a Summer Internship Last-Minute


Let’s face it, we’re not perfect. Sometimes we get distracted - so focused on studying for finals and getting out of school that we forget to think about summer internships. Well, even if you’re late on thinking, it’s never too late to start applying. Make sure to be persistent and don’t stress out too much! There are many opportunities still out there. Check out these ways to look for a last-minute summer internship:

Get in touch with faculty members

Take advantage of your school connections and ask around for some advice or information on job openings. Usually school offices are looking for interns or employees to help out during the summer. Also, talk to professors and advisors in your academic department. They may know of an open position that needs to be filled. They could even put you in contact with someone they know from a company or another school who is looking for an intern.

Contact alumni from school

Nothing is better than reaching out to those who used to be where you are right now. Find out where some of your school’s alumni are and if your school can help connect you. They love pushing current students in the right direction and giving some helpful advice.

Indeed is a reliable job-searching tool to help you find any type of job or internship that you may be interested in. Employers are constantly posting job openings, so take a look at what interests you and start applying. But keep in mind that because you’re searching last-minute, you may not find the perfect internship you’re hoping for. Keep an open mind and focus on getting experience, learning new skills, and building your resume. Also, look at other job search sites like, Careerbuilder, and CareerSearch. There are even sites just for internships were you can look, like and

Utilize Personal Connections

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Think about the connections you’ve made in the past, maybe at a previous internship or summer job. Get in touch to find out if they, or anyone they know, are in need of an intern. Personal connections also includes family members and friends. Think about where they work (or have worked in the past) and find out if they can put you in contact with someone!

Get on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great professional networking site. It’s not just to connect with people you already know, but to make new connections and look for jobs! Many companies have LinkedIn pages that you can visit and see if they have any open positions. If they don’t have any open positions, connect with current employees and try setting up an informational interview anyway. You may get a last minute internship out of it…and if nothing else, a connection for the future.

Look for Virtual Internships

There are also companies that look for employees and interns to work from home. Take this into consideration, especially if you’re interested in writing, social media, graphic design, or computer science. When searching for internships, add “virtual” or “remote” to the job search filters. Plus, working from home is great because it gives you more flexibility, and you don’t have to worry about transportation. Working in your pajamas? Yes please!


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