6 College Bloggers You Need to Follow

6 College Bloggers You Need to Follow


Blogging has become insanely popular in the last few years. It seems like everyone and their mom has a blog nowadays, and they can be about anything. There are blogs out there for fitness, beauty, fashion, food, travel, cooking, kittens, video games, etc. Name a topic. There’s a blog about it.

Some blogs are about nothing in particular, and are just meant to be fun reads and updates on a person’s life. No matter what your favorite blog topics are, you should check out this list of six of the best blogs out there run by college students. Are you inspired yet?


This fashion blog is run by 20-year-old Reese Blutstein. As a full-time college student, Reese is frugal with her spending on clothes, and makes multiple outfits from inexpensive pieces. Reese’s creativity and chic, minimalistic style can be seen in her outfits and room decor. If you love fashion, and are currently dealing with a broke-college-student budget, you should definitely check it out.

Life as a Dare

Run by Rebecca Lindenbach, this blog discusses various topics, like college, relationships, and life in general. The 21-year-old psychology graduate offers her insight on topics that are relevant to other college students, and documents her own journey as a graduate student and a newlywed. With her blog title, “Live Life as a Dare,” Rebecca urges her followers to, “Challenge yourself, find your purpose, and pursue it with all your heart.”

Macarons in the Morning

For those of you who are just starting college (or are about to), “Macarons in the Morning” is a very good blog to follow. 17-year-old Lola Adewuya runs the blog, and uses it as a way to come out of her shell and inspire others to do the same. The Ivy League student (Dartmouth College) posts about her own college experiences and offers advice to other students. She also has a few lifestyle posts.

The Swirl Blog

Run by best friends Gabby and Hannah, “The Swirl Blog” covers everything from college, style, lifestyle, and more. Gabby is a junior in college, studying biology, and enjoys, “brunch, Birks, and no whip iced white mochas.” Hannah is also a junior and is studying chemical engineering. Her life motto is, “You’re never fully dressed without a monogram.” Although these best friends attend different colleges, they constantly collaborate to bring their readers new and interesting posts that college students can totally relate to.

Dani Dearest

This blog is run by Dani, a 20-year-old college junior, and offers college advice - which includes fitness, study, and organization tips. “Dani Dearest” began as a small blog, and has grown to become an empowering community with many followers. In her “about” section, Dani expresses that she uses her blog to share her thoughts on college, and cope with her anxiety. Dani’s posts on college will definitely be helpful to other students.

Le Northern Belle

Run by fourth-year college student Martha Appiah, “Le Northern Belle” offers its readers posts about lifestyle, fashion, and college tips. Martha expresses that she wants her blog to be interactive, and enjoys hearing the thoughts of her readers. Also on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, “Le Northern Belle” is full of fun reads and helpful college advice.

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