6 Classes You Should Take to Be More Creative

6 Classes You Should Take to Be More Creative

Creativity is so important in the 21st century. It’s a great way to exercise your brain and get your mind working in new ways, and creative skills always look good on your resume! Embracing your creativity can pay off personally and professionally. Believe it or not, even “naturally” creative people have to practice their skills. Here are six classes everyone should take to give the right side of their brains some attention.

1. English/Writing

This might be obvious, but still, you must use your creative muscles whenever you write. Even if it’s a research paper, you have to think of your own way of conveying information to others. Making up stories really helps you become more creative, too! The more narrative and fiction pieces you write, the more creative you will become. Try taking a creative writing class to work your imaginative side.

2. Foreign Language

Foreign language classes are super fun! You get to play games, learn  words and phrases in a new language, and explore different cultures. Edward de Bono, an English Psychologist from the 1900’s, said, “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” This quote is perfect for learning a new language. We usually never think about our own language, but when you start studying another language, your mind thinks and grows in new ways.

3. Public Speaking/Fundamentals of Speech

As scary as this class is for most people, it does have some benefits. You learn how to not only write, but present speeches and speak confidently in front of people. However, this is more than just writing or talking; it is the creative art of combining writing, reading enthusiastically, emotions, visuals, and interpreting your audience’s response. Even if you have a well-written speech, nobody will want to listen to someone who presents a speech by reading off a PowerPoint in a monotone! Learning how to communicate creatively and effectively is a critical skill in the professional world.

4. Art Class

Ceramics, painting, sculpting, and graphic design are some great choices. Any time you get to create something is an opportunity to grow in your creativity. I love taking pottery classes because I can create my own 3D art with real materials, and I get to glaze it with whatever colors I want. Even if the art teachers give you guidelines for an assignment, you still have some freedom to practice creativity. In fact, learning how to think creatively within the guidelines will translate well to problem solving in the professional world.

5. Theater Arts/Acting/Improv

These types of classes help you come out of your shell and feel more comfortable being yourself in front of people. You will also learn how to think quickly and artistically in a fun way. If you’re acting and pretending to be a certain character, you will get practice being creative. Like art classes, this is a good class for people who learn by doing things instead of reading from a textbook or sitting in a lecture.

6. Entrepreneurship

This might sound like a fancy business class, but I truly think everyone in college should consider taking it. I took an entrepreneurship class my first year of college and it was the most interesting class I have taken so far. Creativity is the focus of this class. It’s not only coming up with new ideas, but learning how to think in a completely different way. You can use entrepreneurial skills to create a new business, revitalize the business that you work at, and even in your approach to  school, and your relationships with people.

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