6 Apps That Will Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

6 Apps That Will Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Whether your resolution is to  learn a new language, get in shape, or anything in between, these apps will keep you on track all year long.

Since iQuit

If your resolution is to quit smoking, Since iQuit is a free app that tracks how long it’s been since you’ve quit smoking, and how much money you’ve saved as a result. The timer is accurate to the second, and the app even shows you how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked during the time frame that you’ve been tobacco-free. Watching the dollars you’ve saved rack up is sure to motivate you to finally kick the habit for good.


If your resolution is to learn another language, Duolingo is the app you need. Not only does the free app offer a variety of languages ranging from Spanish to Russian to Klingon, it also has a streak counter that rewards you for coming back to the app and completing lessons each day. If you’re the type to abandon learning new skills once the novelty wears off and the lessons get harder, Duolingo’s regularity can help give you the consistency and structure you need to push on.


If your resolution is to sit down and finally write that novel you’ve always wanted to, try Writeometer. The free app allows you to set a word count goal for your project, and log how many words you write each day. The app then generates several graphs and stats, including your average daily word count, how many words you’ve written so far, and how much further you still have to go. The app even sends you daily notifications reminding you to keep writing.


If your resolution is to be thriftier, having a good budget app in your back pocket at all times is crucial in helping you make smarter financial decisions. Mint is a budgeting app that’s been around for ten years, and it connects not only to your smart phone, but your tablets and computers, too. It tracks your spending, shows you where your money’s going, and even lets you theorize “what if” scenarios to see how certain purchases will impact your overall budget. Since it’s been one of the leading financial apps for years, you can rest assured that it’s a secure place to store your sensitive information.


If your resolution is to lose weight or lead a more active lifestyle, there are a number of apps designed to track your workout progress, and Fitbit is only one of them. Fitbit tracks how much you walk or run, how many calories you consume, and how much sleep you get on a nightly basis, among other stats. If you’re serious about getting in shape, becoming accustomed to using a good fitness app is one of the first steps on a healthier path.


No matter what your resolution is, Strides will let you track it. Strides allows you to input any number of custom goals into its tracking system, and you can follow your progress on a daily basis. It shows you how many days in a row you’ve managed to get up on time, drink your daily eight glasses of water, or gone with or without any other habit you want to build or break. It’s the ultimate New Year resolutions app that can help anyone at any time of the year.