5 Unglamorous Signs You're In Love

5 Unglamorous Signs You're In Love


In movies and on television, love is often shown as a glamorous relationship, but there are always a few unglamorous aspects of every relationship. If you notice any of the following 5 unglamorous signs, then you may be in love.

1. Waiting

Let’s face it: no one likes to wait. Waiting is just not fun, and, sometimes, during a busy day, waiting can take up more time than anything else. Well with all that being said, sometimes waiting on a person is necessary, and, when you are in love, it may not seem like such a chore. For example, if you find yourself waiting for your special someone to get out of class or work, then this may be a sign you are in love.

2. Doing the Dishes (and Other Chores)

I don’t know anyone who actually enjoys doing the dishes. However, while in love, one person in the relationship may decide to do them, or another chore, just to prevent their partner from having to finish the task. This isn’t a sign of love that is glamorous or glorified in any respect, but these small compromises are the backbone that builds a strong relationship. If you find yourself giving up some of your time to make sure a girlfriend (or boyfriend) doesn’t have to deal with pesky chores, like doing the dishes, then this may be a sign you are in love.

3. Playing Nurse

While in love, a person will often feel the need to take care of a significant other when they are hurt or under the weather. When a girlfriend (or boyfriend) is throwing up at all hours of the night, helping them can definitely become an unglamorous task. Once again, I don’t know anyone who likes the smell or mess of vomit, but there are still plenty of people who would gladly clean it up when it means helping their significant other. If you find yourself helping a special someone when they are sick or injured then, this may be an unglamorous sign you are in love.

4. Grocery Shopping (and Other Errands)

Long lines and long lists can make grocery shopping a task no one wants to complete. However, once bitten by the love bug, grocery shopping with your significant other can become fun and something you enjoy doing together. Doing boring tasks are usually much more fun when your significant other is by your side. If you find yourself looking forward to grocery shopping or other mundane errands, then this may be an unglamorous sign you are in love.

5. Having a Bad Day

Everyone has bad days, and, sometimes, during these days the people we love most will become unfamiliar to us. Bad days can bring out the darkest demons, but true love has no eyes, only a heart. At this time, a loved one may need their partner the most. If you find yourself comforting your loved one when they are having a bad day, instead of running away from their unpleasant mood, then this may be an unglamorous sign you are in love.

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