5 Types of People You're Facebook Friends With

5 Types of People You're Facebook Friends With


The Parents

These aren’t your own parents, but all your friends from high school who are usually the same age as you yet somehow have four kids and forty photo albums dedicated to them on Facebook. Their posts consist almost entirely of parenting tips, baby pictures, and offers on baby clothes and toys on buy, sell, trade groups in your city. If they aren’t posting pictures of their kids, they’re uploading wedding photos and videos of their spouse. Seeing them on your timeline so often may make you feel like you’re way behind in the adulthood game, but following their posts and their children’s progress is your secret guilty pleasure because the kids really are super cute.

The Prodigy

This person was the valedictorian of your class and went off to college at a school you could never even dream of attending. They’re barely ever on Facebook, but when they are it’s to brag about their perfect GPA or announce that they scored a high-brow internship out of state with some successful company. You always like their posts and congratulate them, because you’re glad they’re doing so well for themselves, but you secretly wish they’d slow down and throw some of that success your way.

The European Backpacker

This friend either skipped college entirely, or took a semester off just to travel. Their Wi-Fi is spotty, and they’re barely able to keep in touch with any of their friends, but when they do get online, they post albums upon albums of Instagram-worthy artsy photos of beautiful scenic country sides and historic old buildings. It gives you extreme wanderlust, and you’re so jealous of how much fun they seem to be having that you’ve started saving up for your own vacation abroad.

People You Barely Knew in High School

You vaguely remember having a class or two with these people in high school, but you’ve forgotten almost everything about them, and you’re not even sure how they ended up on your friends list. The only reason you keep them there is because sometimes they post funny pictures or articles from the local newspapers. Plus, if you left home for college, they’re a great way to keep in touch with your local community and stay updated on all the drama you’re missing out on at home.


Adding your relatives on Facebook can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you’ll be subjected to your grandma’s controversial opinions, but at least you know she’ll like every one of your selfies and always comment on how good you look and how much she misses you. Many of your older relatives may not have a handle on online etiquette and how Facebook works, but it’s a great way to keep in touch with the family members you don’t see often. It’s also a good way to keep your parents updated on how you’re doing at college, so they don’t freak out and call you on a daily basis to make sure you’re not dead.

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