5 Types of Guys You'll Meet in College

5 Types of Guys You'll Meet in College


Dude. Bro. Homie. Man.

Whatever they’re called, college campuses are crawling with ‘em. (I mean, unless you go to an all-girls school.  In which case, you’ll just have to take my word for it.) But these aren’t like the guys you knew from high school — now they’re older and more mature (or so we hope). They’re totally discovering themselves. They’re college guys.

And while they’re certainly not all carbon copies of each other, every college has a few types of guys in common. Here are five you can count on spotting around campus:

The Stoner

He’s either always wearing marijuana-leaf socks and constantly smells like weed, or is the model student no one would suspect has a stash back in his dorm. Maybe he’s in an experimental phase. Either way, he’s easy to talk to, seems like a nice guy, and is probably one of the most laid-back people you’ll ever meet.

The Out-of-State-r

There’s something different about him. Maybe it’s his clothes. Or his hair. Or the fact that you mention something native to the area, like In-N-Out or Wawa, and he looks at you like you’re speaking another language. Yep, he’s an out-of-state-r, which might as well mean he’s from Mars. Be nice to him; he’ll learn the ropes soon.

The Hipster (AKA “Guy with the Manbun”)

He loves indie rock bands, but, like, only their early stuff. (Now they’re too mainstream.) You remember him from orientation, but rarely see him around, because if he’s not in his dorm, he’s probably in some obscure vintage/coffee/record shop downtown. He may be interesting at first, but after a while, the whole “too cool to care about anything” thing gets old.

Mr. “Wonderwall”

You know this guy. Maybe you even are him. This is the guy who's never seen without his guitar, and uses it to make all the chicks swoon. Look over to the quad right now - he's probably there now, sitting under a tree playing some tunes. And, yes, by "tunes" I mean either "Wonderwall," or "I'm Yours," by Jason Mraz, because that's likely all he knows how to play. Maybe he’ll actually learn a new song over the next 4+ years.

The “My Dad Will Hear About This” Guy

He's in a frat, exclusively wears Brooks Brothers, and is king of the humblebrag (or not-so-humblebrag). He sports Sperrys not because they're trendy, but for days spent hanging out on the family yacht. When he’s not cruising around campus in the Range Rover he got for his Sweet 16, he’s probably in "the city" interning at another Fortune 500 — his family is old friends with the CEO, of course.

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