5 Things That Happen When You're Obsessed With Football Season

5 Things That Happen When You're Obsessed with Football Season

Each year, in the middle of August, the National Football League (NFL) begins its preseason competitions. The start of football season is met with great excitement as fans all across the US get ready for another high-paced, exciting, and memorable season of football. Of course, like anything else, there are different levels of fandom. You have the occasional viewer, the bandwagon-er, and the fanatic. When you have reached the level of fanatic, you are completely obsessed with the game, and, naturally, the following things occur.

Sunday Football Parties

Sundays are obviously the best day of the week. This day, which normally symbolizes the near beginning of a new work week, gains a new meaning during football season. Friends who follow football closely often throw weekly football parties held on Sunday — that is, if you’re not hosting one yourself. Sundays are no longer a day to dread, but instead represent a whole day of friends, good times, and football.

Flat Screen TVs

Each year, it seems that the standard size for a huge flat screen TV increases. Not only do the size of TVs increase during football season, but television sales also experience an increase in revenue. Crazy football fans who are obsessed with the big game continue to try to outdo each other with the size of their screens.

Pigskin Pick-Up Games

In honor of football season, families and friends who are obsessed with football will have their own friendly pigskin challenge. Most notably, these competitions occur on Thanksgiving Day, when the whole family is around to participate and enjoy. As a young kid, I remember playing in a couple of these fun and memorable family football games myself.

Fantasy Football

Nowadays there are more than a couple ways to get in on the season. Fantasy football is one of the most popular competitions to participate in during football season. Football fans all around the world compete in online leagues, in which they build their own professional football teams. Over the years the excitement around fantasy football has grown, and the numbers of participants has followed suit.

Super Bowl Celebrations

The Super Bowl is like a national holiday for football fans: a football Christmas, if you will. Dedicated fans often celebrate the Super Bowl, whether their favorite team is participating or not. The Super Bowl is also when the biggest football celebrations are held, and large numbers of people gather each year to take part in the festivities. And if a fanatic’s team is one of the respective teams in the Super Bowl, then the party only gets bigger.

Football has become a staple part of American culture, and definitely becomes a part of most American citizens’ lives. So, which fan category do you fall into: the occasional viewer, the bandwagon-er, or the all-out fanatic?