5 Surefire Ways to Know They’re Into You

5 Surefire Ways to Know They’re Into You


When it comes to dating, men think women are complicated, and women think men are, too. Is this true?  As a woman, I will confess and say, yes, we sometimes can be. We can be hard to read, vague about our feelings, and some play mind games. Take the ever-so-famous, “Fine, do whatever you want,” line a woman pulls when she is upset. Does she really want you to do whatever you want? Of course not! If a woman says this, she is most likely fed up with the situation and wants you to drop everything to make her happy.

With men, the same thing goes, except they don’t typically play mind games as much as women do. In my experience, it seems men have a hard time communicating. The problem with this is that women question the guy’s feelings and have no idea what they are thinking, and men tend to get just as confused with a woman’s emotions.

With all of the mind games, poor communication, and the unknown that comes with relationships, how can you tell if someone is actually into you? It’s actually pretty simple:


Though communication can be a problem area for some couples, if someone is putting in effort to talk to you, the odds are they have some interest. If they make time to tell you, “Good morning,” or, “Goodnight,” or just want to know how your day has been, there’s a good chance they like you.

With men, there are some out there who have no idea what they want, but the ones who do know will not isolate you and make you wonder about their intentions. Now, with women, we pretty much feed off of how the guy is communicating with us. If we like you, it will be obvious.


Effort is a big one when deciphering if someone likes you. If they put in effort to see you, and not only when it is convenient for them, they’re interested – it’s as simple as that. It doesn’t have to be limited to meeting up, either. They should be putting in effort with everything, whether that means texting, calling, planning meet ups, supporting you, and so much more. If someone is trying to be part of your life, they'll do it.

The Physical Aspect

For some, it takes a while to build up the courage to flirt heavily. One of the most obvious signs someone likes you is with physical contact. It doesn’t have to be a steamy make-out session or sex, just some token of affection that says, “I like you.” This can be done with a peck on the cheek, holding your hand, tight hugs, cuddling, or just finding little ways to touch you.

How They Are Around You

Have you ever been with a friend, and as soon as their crush comes around, they start acting different? This might be a little juvenile, but it’s a dead giveaway. If you notice your crush is trying hard to impress you, being a goofball when they are normally calm, or acting in a way that is opposite from how they are with their friends and family, they most likely like you, and they want you to like them too.

Getting You Involved

If someone has any interest in you, they should want you to be around their friends and family. Maybe not right away, but if you are introduced to their closest friends and, in time, their family, they have plans to keep you around. You know they are serious about you when they not only tell, but show, the people they care about that you exist.

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