5 Signs You're the Mom of Your Friend Group

5 Signs You're the Mom of Your Friend Group

1. You are always the designated driver and party mom.

You and your friends go out; everyone is drinking and having a good time. You find yourself sitting there, not drinking, making sure everyone is okay, and keeping friends out of harm’s way. You cut friends off at their limits, you sit with anyone who gets sick, and you make sure all friends are accounted for. And at the end of the night, you help everyone stumble their way to the car, and you drive them home.

2. You tell friends to let you know when they’ve gotten home.

On nights that you and your friends are hanging out, you always remind them to text you when they get home safely. It’s not something you say so they think you care either, it’s a legitimate concern when you try and fall asleep at night. You will not sleep until you know everyone has made it home safe and sound. You know exactly how long it takes them to drive home, give or take 10 minutes if they decide to get food, and if you do not receive a text from them in that amount of time, you are at your phone texting them. If that does not work, you call before being able to sleep soundly for the night.

3. You carry food, Band-Aids, gum, and all necessary survival items just in case someone needs anything.

And everyone knows to come to you for anything they may need. Snacks for a long day on campus, medicine for any type of ailment, Band-Aids for paper cuts, gum to chew, a sweater for when it gets too cold, napkins for messes, headphones for music, an umbrella in case it rains, and more. And when packing these items in your backpack or bag for the day, you do not pack them for yourself; you always have someone in mind when packing certain survival items. When everyone becomes dependent on you for things they may regularly forget, you are officially the mom of the group.

4. You prevent everyone from making bad decisions.

Whether the decisions are alcohol-related or not, you keep everyone in check. All decisions go through you, and you have final say on what goes and what does not. And, you do not really care if not everyone likes it. You scold anyone for making racy jokes, you make sure no one decides to go sneak into somewhere they should not, and you keep everyone in line.

5. You are always the one resolving conflicts and arguments between friends.

It is inevitable that an argument or conflict will arise in a group of friends. And when it does, you are always the first to put yourself in the middle of whatever it may be and mediate the situation. You don’t let things get out of hand, you never judge or take sides, you make sure no one acts rash, and you sit with all involved until the issue is resolved.

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