5 Signs You're from the Northeast

5 Signs You're from the Northeast


When coming from another part of the country, most of the people you encounter are able to recognize where you are from just by a short interaction. Being from the Northeast, I have discovered that we have some telltale signs of being a New Englander. Most of the stereotypes I have heard about the Northeast are dead on, which is unfortunate, since there are some we are not particularly fond of. While in our normal environment, we rarely realize how we carry ourselves, and this can lead to some not-too polite behaviors that become unknown habits. If you have never encountered the cold-blooded Northeasterner, here are a few signs to discern us from other Americans (not like we need it).

1. Opinions, Opinions, Opinions

For some reason, once you cross into the Northeast, everyone has a doctorate degree in every field from zoology to physics. No matter where you go, once you have brought up a topic of concern, there will be a public debate on the facts. This is really just everyone’s opinion of the Wiki article they read that morning. We have always been known to voice our opinion from the dinner table to the public bus stop. That’s just how it is.

2. Cold weather? What cold weather?

It’s pretty well-known that the New England area gets rocked with snow every. Single. Winter. One foolproof sign you’re from the Northeast is when you’re wearing shorts and a t-shirt in 30 degree weather. Although some of the people are reasonable with their attire, we rarely break out the winter jacket until there is a REAL snow storm. No, not the powder sugar sprinkling most states see, but rather the tundra, which comes across in the deep winter months.

3. “Where are you from?”

If you’re from the Northeast, you know why this is the last question you want to hear. This leads into a conversation on how you live in New York but not the City, or New Jersey but really New York City. Then there are those Rhode Islanders that are constantly asked, “Is it really that small?” I mean, sure, it’s cool to have that attention, but after a while you just say yes to all questions to get past it.

4. Driving Without Fear

Yeah, we drive through blizzards while other cities close their highways for an inch of snow. If we did that regularly without batting an eye, how do you think our summer months look? You can tell who is from the Northeast by the way we drive. We are not scared to cut people off, speed, or use evasive maneuvers from your favorite action movie. Okay, not that extreme, but we are fearless. After all, once you’ve driven through snow, you can drive anywhere.

5. More opinions.

Not only do we start every conversation with an educated opinion, but the “agree to disagree” rule is not in effect. There is only one way to end the conversation if neither side will budge. This is called the “agree to believe that you’re wrong.” Now, this may sound the same, but they have two totally different effects on your ego.

Good luck in your first encounter with a Northeastern citizen. We can be a handful.


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