5 Signs You Go to a Big School

5 Signs You Go to a Big School


Every Day is a Workout

Walking anywhere on campus feels more like running a marathon, and it takes just as long. You learned quickly that you need to give yourself plenty of time before class just to get there, and it’s almost impossible to make it through a semester without buying a bike, a skateboard, or a hoverboard to make getting between classes less stressful. The exercise is good for you, though, and it will help you lose (or help you prevent) that dreaded Freshman 15.

Your Extracurricular Schedule is Packed

Every day you hear about a new club or organization that you didn’t even know existed. There are so many clubs and organizations at your school that you can never decide which ones to join, and every semester you end up packing more events into your schedule than you can handle. Your general electives list ends up getting crammed, too, because there are just so many interesting fields of study at your school that you’re dying to explore.

Everyone Recognizes Your School

You probably have friends that go to small colleges and universities that you’ve never even heard of, but when you tell people which school you go to, everyone immediately recognizes the name. Sometimes it feels like every college student in your state goes to your school, and there’s a fair number of students at your school who have traveled from across the country — and across the globe — to attend it, too. Not only does it make you proud to represent such a famous institution, but it also makes it easy for you to buy school merchandise in any college apparel store.

There’s Always a Party

If parties are your scene, you’ll never be bored on the weekends. With so many Greek houses near campus, you’re bound to find one hosting a shindig, even if you don’t personally know anyone planning a bash. If parties aren’t your thing, you’ll still get a kick out of hearing about all the crazy shenanigans that went down over the weekend from your friends and classmates who were there.

Your Classes are Huge

Every university has large lecture halls, but you practically live in giant ones. There are so many students at your school that if you take any university required class, and/or are part of a popular major, there will be hundreds of other students in that class with you. The first day of class is a race to get a good seat at either the front or the back of the lecture hall, and it takes a lot of pre-class organizing if you want to get a seat next to any of your friends. Large classes also make it harder to get one-on-one time with the professor, but that’s what office hours are for, and it’s not all bad. If you’re having trouble in a large class, chances are that plenty of others are having difficulty, too, and it’s much easier to find enough people to form a sizable study group than if your classes were smaller.

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