5 Rules of Being a Good Roommate

5 Rules of Being a Good Roommate


The thought of having a college roommate can be troublesome, and, sometimes, straight-up terrifying especially if it is a random selection. Although I have heard some horror stories, it is not always as evil as most make it out to be. The random freshman roommate you get assigned to could end up being in your wedding down the road. There should be nothing to fear, as long as ground rules are set in the first few weeks. Here are some general rules to follow to be the best roommate you can be.

The Roommate Agreement

No matter how awkward the first meeting is, having a roommate agreement is a necessity. This is where you both get to know each other and set the main guidelines down. This includes alarm times, spacing in the room, hobbies, visitors, and what time is “quiet time.”

Meeting Friends

Since you are new to campus, you are automatically each other’s best friend. Whenever you meet someone new, introduce them to your roommate! The last thing anyone wants is to be alone, so don’t ditch your roommate right off of the bat. If you already know people on campus, bring your roommate with you so they can get comfortable with new people, and skip that awkward stage that usually lasts the first few weeks on a new campus.


Spoiler alert, dorm rooms are not that spacious. This means that it’s hard to get the privacy you need while having a college roommate. Give each other some privacy when needed so you both can stay sane. That goes for when they need alone time to study or if their boyfriend or girlfriend is over and they need some time alone. The more time you give for their privacy, the more you can get in return, so don’t be sparing with the time given!

Be Considerate

College will always get stressful at certain times during the year. You can often tell when the college life is taking its toll on your roommate, so be considerate while the stressful times are setting in. Do what you can to lighten the load. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend during the year, don’t have them live in your room, since that is your roommate’s private space also. There’s nothing more annoying than coming back from class and having your roommate’s significant other always there.

Keep it Clean

This seems like obvious advice, but it’s easy to become lazy with cleaning, especially as the school year goes on. This is always one of the biggest problems between college roommates, so to ease the tension, always make sure your side is clean. Make sure cleaning rules and chores are stated in your roommate agreement to avoid confrontation through the semester.

These are just a few rules to make sure you are being the best roommate you can be. Everyone has their own preferences, so always ask what you can do to make them comfortable in their space. Even if your college roommate turns out to be one of those infamous college horror stories, still apply these rules so they have no reason to think the same of you.

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